Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Justin Bieber Opens Up To Fans On Twitter..

Im not sure if Twitter had any intention on being as therapeutic as it has proven to be. Everyday people like you and I get on it to tweet our thoughts, even if its just to get them out of our heads. Its easy to pick up your phone and text a thought, quote, or frustration to a group of people who have said "yes I wanna know those" by following you. The same has proven true for many celebs who have come to use Twitter for the same purposes. A prime example is Justin Bieber's 10+ twitter letter to his fans! Read on for the tweets..

"traveled all day and vocal rest starts tomorrow. this is gonna suck i think i understand im not living a normal life anymore...but im normal. people say all sorts of stuff but i know who i am and im grateful and i know some dudes are gonna talk trash and others are gonna show love. thats life. i just love what i do. guess its that simple and i love all of you showing me support in my dreams and sharing yours with me. and i also love taking a hater and proving them wrong guess what im saying is do what u love and never let anyone stop u. stay true to yourself and dont judge a book by its cover. #respect and im gonna prove all that in #NEVERSAYNEVER3D on FEBRUARY 11th.... @jonmchu sorry that was a #shamelessplug haha i had to...i had #latenightventing but 4 real we all get frustrated at times. we wanna show people who judge us so quick who we really are. sometimes u gotta just let it ride cant win them all. just gotta be youself. all days arent fun but everyday is another opportunity. gotta be grateful for that"I dont think we can imagine the strain thats on this guy. He's so young and so HUGE in stardom. Im glad it appears that he still has a level head. Im glad twitter can give him an outlet to it does often for many people who decide to join in!

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