Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jazmine Sullivan Says Music Isnt Fun Anymore..

A bit ago, I blogged 10 Reasons why you should get Jazmine Sullivan's new album. I chose to blog it for a couple of reasons but mainly because I felt Id be doing you a dis service by not telling you! In top of that, its been quite interesting following her on twitter and viewing things from her perspective. Ive seen her go on a few twitter rants about the industry, but this one in particular puts me off a bit.

If you know anything about the industry you know 2 things... its a mess & all smoke and mirrors! Its not easy to walk in the shoes of a lot of your favorite celebs. Especially real artists in the day of microwave ones. I know that and I sympathize with Jazmine, but I dont want her to go anywhere for too long! We need her! Anywho, peep her twitter announcement below.

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