Saturday, January 8, 2011

Its a Wrap- Kardashians Sued over Prepaid Card

Well heres the story.. the Kardashians were all a buzz a few months ago on twitter regarding their new card. I think I even blogged it, or at least tweeted about it. These ladies are on the move..or so I thought. Not too long after the card debut, it was scrutinized for have loads of hidden fees, some even potentially illegal!

Next all you read on internet blogs was how horrible the Kardashians were for putting out such a card, and how it was a rip off. Not to let their angelic characters
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 be tarnished ( :/ ) the ladies pulled out of the contract claiming that they had no idea the card was so controversial and all around bad business. Now it seems that The Revenue Resource Group,LLC is claiming that they've lost over $75 Million in damages due to the sisters not honoring their contract..and they want them to pay up!

I think that these ladies are smart and honestly they dont come off as women willing to do ANYTHING for a penny, even considering their past endeavors. I dont think had they known the card was so bad that they wouldve agreed to be the faces of such a card. Im not sure how much of a case theyll have being that they did sign contracts, but I hope it works out for them. They are the Kardashians..Im sure their lawyers are on.point! lol

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