Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes Best & Worst Dressed

The Golden Globe Awards aired last night. For the most part I enjoyed them..but Im not really into that sorta award show. So, I mainly was watching for the fashion..because, you never ever know who's gonna hit and miss! Last night was a pretty fair game. We had some incredible stand outs (in my opinion) & some people who totally bombed! My best dressed goes to Olivia Wilde who looked like a diamond princess in a strapless coffee brown Marchesa gown.. just dazzling! I also loved Jennifer Lawrence's black & grey LV gown! More pics below!

I loved Anne Hathaway's as well.. she was one of the people who's dresses I loved... but I think they would've looked better on say.. Beyonce.. someone with some curves to fill them out! Bieber looked adorable in a 3 piece D&G get up.. check out more & my ratings below!


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