Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get Jay Z & Kanye's "Jesus Is Lord" Shirts

So some kind of way the conspiracy theorists missed these pics and performances..but you know what, Im not going to speak on them in 2011, its like, whats the point right? Anywho, Jay Z & Kanye were both spotted rocking the Givenchy, Jesus Is Lord shirts.. Jay in black and Ye in white. The shirts are a bold statement type shirt. Like, you cant wear this and be afraid, lol.. there is no way to pick this shirt a part into anything other than what it clearly depicts. I love it.. and for about $300 you can get yours! Another pic after the jump..
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  1. They'll still doubt. But it's still BANGN!

  2. Love the shirt! Much props to Givenchy for claiming that in indeed, Jesus is Lord!!
    Loving Jayz and Ye for rockin it.
    God bless