Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fellas of the Group 3D Want to Come to Your School!

Following the recent epidemic of bullying and even children losing their lives b/c of it..I jumped at the opportunity to blog a group of young men ready to do something about it!

3D is a group made up of 3 young talented guys- Dre, DJ, & D (hence the name 3D). The guys, who's music can be described as urban pop/hip hop have also made an effort to be conscious of their position as artists! The fellas have decided to take a stand against the current bullying epidemic by visiting various schools with a program that will entertain and also educate students on bullying and its effects..  Read More for details!

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The guys who have toured with the likes of Chris Brown and Ciara, will be setting out on a different kind of tour to bring awareness and solution to one of the biggest issues facing our youth today!

Who better to reach out to the young people than a few guys who arent too much older & who can relate to similar issues! I think its great. Very commendable!!!!!! If you are an educator and are interested in the fellas coming to your school and addressing your student body please contact  Christal Jordan of Enchanted PR . Love this!


  1. good for them. thanks for shining a light on something positive that our young men are doing!

  2. Hey KK, Will the come to another state or is this just for Atlanta?? Love you!