Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Diggy Simmons & Jacob Latimore Perform Live at Jessica Jarrell BDay Party

Im sure every teenage girl wouldve loved to had been at Jessica Jarrell's (you know the girl other little girls wouldve killed to be-because she toured with Justin Bieber?.. that Jessica)  Sweet 16 party over the weekend!  Jacob Latimore and Diggy Simmons were among the party goers & performers for the party & they seemed to have nailed it! The two performed Jacob's "Like Em All". Fun little jam! 

You all remember my Diggy interview right? Remember when I asked what celeb he had a crush on...(Read on for pic & video of performance)

 he said he thought Jessica Jarrell was a cutie... Hmmmmm..... Maybe it was more than a crush?? I dont know.. either way.. the fellas gave a great performance for Diggy's ..ahem.. "crush".  Jacob Latimore is another artist you all should be on the look out for. The guy is about to set it off! Believe me when I tell you that he has all of the makings of a star. The little girlies are already losing it! Kudos to both of these young men; grounded, talented, and focused! KayKi Loooves it!

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