Sunday, January 23, 2011

Da Bears Must've Still Been In Hybernation Last Night

Im not really a Bears fan.. I go for them because they are the home team, but even for me.. last night's game was SAD!  I can talk about how incredible the Packers' offense was...which really didnt leave much room for error for the Bears, but truthfully I think it was the fact that the Bears' offense was darn near non existent till the 4th quarter that lost the game.

Cutler only played for a bit due to a "ahem" a hurt knee. After they benched him and sent out second string Todd Collins and to NO avail. After sitting him down.. they went with third string Caleb Hanie who played an amazing game! Hanie who had played very little in his entire career prior to being thrown into a very hard situation, came in ready to work.

He through his first career touchdown pass to get the Bears IN the game bringing the score to 14-21 with a little less than 5 minutes to play. His stretch and an interception by Urlacher were pretty much the highlights of this game for me. Maybe next year Chicago.. hopefully!

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