Friday, January 14, 2011

Christian Louboutin Spring 2011 SnakeSkin Slingback

Ladies, gather around and allow me to tell you a well known secret. (I know, I know that's a oxymoron) There ain't a thing more bang'n to a man than a woman in a fly pair of heels.....NOTHIN'! It's the equivalent of you all finding a heterosexual man who looks good to you, loves GOD, loves his mama, has a good job, great credit, & is well groomed. (yes.......y'all just wearing the right heels does that to us....don't judge). More pics after the jump.
 Now this cat Christian Louboutin is gone be the demise of both sexes. For us men? Sanity will be a thing of the past, similar to low gas prices. And for y'all? If you try to keep up with this dude......student loans will look like milk money. Check out these young yadigs Snakeskin Slingbacks. My baby sis said they when kaykispeaks......people listen.

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