Monday, January 17, 2011

Chilli's What Chilli Wants Viewing Party With Fans

Mac & Soft Sheen sponsored a fun event last night with Chilli of TLC & a few lucky fans! Chilli & team over at EnchantedPR started a contest on twitter which would allow fans to tweet their list in response to Chilli's infamous list on the show! Fans sent Chilli their list of standards in a relationship and she hand picked a few to come chill with her and watch an episode of What Chilli Wants.. They had a ball! Chilli is definitely a character.. some of the highlights for me were the personal stories shared by the fans, and Chilli finally addressing the elephant thats always in the room w. her and relationships.... USHER! Read on for vid & her comments!

Chilli was asked by a fan about Usher and she paused to clear it all up for the 126789th time :)
Ok, Im going to address it, because I never address it. Usher and I are over... done... I have much respect for him, and I wish him the absolute best, but we are no. more. Its like, that was like 8 years ago, people...
Now, this really did break a tiny piece of my heart, because Im one of those people who if Im honest, I really would love to see Usher and Chilli back together. I feel like they were both younger and inexperienced and all sorts of things, which would make them more prone to mistakes right? I dont know. I know Chilli knows God and so Id never ever say what wont EVER be.. because God controls that & seems to me that they (Usher & Chilli) cant escape people seeing something special in what they had.

Maybe just maybe, they are meant to be. Im not saying they are Im just saying we should never bury something that God may be trying to keep alive. Either way Ive grown to just love Chilli & her team at Enchanted..they just are sweet people. So, whoever she ends up with I pray she's happy!!! For some reason only the last half of the partay was recorded, so the first half (brief Usher moment & other things) you all missed..but Im sure they'll do this again. It was soo fun!!

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