Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Exclusive Interview With Chilli About, Everything!

BabyKayKs.. the things I do for YOU! :) I have been receiving emails and tweets to interview Ms. Chilli for forever. I kept thinking to myself early on, like who do these people think I am.. how in the world am I supposed to get an interview with Chilli!?!? lol.. but thank you guys for believing it was possible! Ive found in this business so far that many people dont keep their word.. Im glad Christal and EnchantedPR do because Ive been waiting on this interview for almost 6 months or so :) Patience is key!

Anywho,Chilli was so sweet and consistent with what I thought she'd be like. Unfortunately I had some technical difficulties and Im not able to post the audio, but you'll still get the idea of how cool and real she was. I felt like I was talking to an older sister or something.  Im so glad she took a moment to talk to me yesterday following the premiere of Season 2 of What Chilli Wants on VH1 Sunday (which was really good..btw) What a great time to chat with her for a second regarding her show, career, life, and...Andre 3000??.lol...check it below..

KayKi-First off I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview.. I really appreciate it.

Chilli- Youre welcome, thank you..

KayKi-Im going to jump right into it... yesterday before the show premiered I saw you tweet that you were nervous.. I thought, after all of this time she still gets nervous? lol

Chilli-Yes I do, Im just one of those people who take what I do seriously and to heart! I dont take anything for granted. Its like I want to do my best always. Even this summer, TBoz & I went out on a tour and just before every show I felt SO nervous, but once Im up there and doing my thing, you know.. Im straight. Its just important to me that Im doing the best I can.

KayKi- Thats why you stay blessed because you take everything to heart. Now, usually your first go around at something is like trial  & error. What about Season 1 helped prepare you for a better  Season 2 of What Chilli Wants??

Chilli-Umm.. really the main thing Id say I learned or the only reservation I had with Season 1 is that I DO NOT like blind dates. I mean, I never have. Its like when you know what you want..even people who know you may not know what that is. No matter how much they think they do, they really dont. And Tionna really didnt know me that well, so blind dates just dont work. Thats really the only thing.

KayKi- Speaking of the new season, we saw yesterday that some things carried over from last season.. one thing being your relationship with Floyd Mayweather. Now, I know you cant go into detail, but just wondering how long have you known him.. your chemistry doesnt look new at all..

Chilli-Ive known Floyd for about 4 years now..

KayKi- Wow, didnt know that.. so along with your friendship with Floyd, Season 1 had another sort of surprise that carried on into Season 2's premiere yesterday. People were surprised that you ended up with a white guy last season..what are your views on interracial dating and why do you think its such a big deal?

Chilli-You know what, God made everybody. I have never EVER had a reservation about dating outside of my race.. never! I mean, God made us all.. he didnt make one race more superior than the other. So, I dont see how someone can consider themselves a Christian or believe in God and still feel that way...

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When you close your eyes a man is a man. Just because they have a different complexion or hair texture doesnt change that. Youre looking for the right man period. Im not saying dont have a preference, I mean I like really handsome, pretty boys, but I am saying you shouldnt limit men to one race.. you know..

KayKi-Yea, and I think its more accepted for black men to date outside of their race than it is for black women.

Chilli-I dont think its more accepted, I just think its seen more. I think that people see it a lot more so they just think its more accepted. I think black men should be able to date who they want, white women should be able to date who they want...and the same for me.

KayKi- Well to sort of piggy back off of you having what you want, I must say that I literally grew up listening to TLC.. I mean, Im just a baby! (laughs) Im glad to have had that kind of music to listen to growing up because I know in some way it has shaped me into the woman I am..

Chilli- Wow! Thank you so much!

KayKi-So honestly when the show aired and you had your list of things you wanted and you boldly presented them, it was not a surprise to me at all. I mean, TLC has always been about empowering women and letting us know that its ok to know what we want. The list to me was just sort of you practicing what youve been preaching all of these years. Men have always had a "list" we must be fine, cook, clean..etc. Do you think it would be this big of a deal if you were a guy?

Chilli-Haha.You know what.. it is so funny that youd say that because I just did an interview and the person asked me about my list and I told them that any real TLC fan who's been following us knows that thats how we are. In interviews, when we win awards, whatever..we've maintained that truth to ourselves. The list wouldnt be a surprise to any fans because we have always been that way.

As far as the double standard.. It all goes back to how we raise our children. Its like you'll tell your daughter not to have a lot of boyfriends, but tell your son in her face that he should be a player! You need to be slapped 8 times, get back up and 2 more for 10. We have to change our perspective and the way we teach our kids. Thats where it all starts. We tell our girls to keep their legs closed and our boys to do them.. thats not cool. The double standard has always been there. I mean, most people who have a problem with my list are men. I tell them, I hope you have one! I hope you know exactly what you want too!

KayKi- Amen! I so agree! Ive been known to be rather picky myself..just know what I want. Now, speaking of TLCs impact on my life....can fans expect to see more of TBoz on this season?


KayKi-I know you guys were touring over in Japan or something this summer, so can your U.S. fans count on getting a few shows here maaayyybbbeeeeee??? lol

Chilli-Yes..thats the plan. This year will be 20 years for us so we definitely wanna do something for all of our fans out there!

KayKi- Great! Wow.. 20 years.. wow. Staying on TLC a bit and your show..I must say that it seems as though TLC references are everywhere now that What Chilli Wants is on. I mean, everyone from Kerri Hilson to Jeezy -I dont know how you felt about that,but- how do you react to the idea of TLC still being relevant and even being introduced to other audience through your show?

Chilli-You know that didnt really put a smile on my face (Jeezy's Unforgettable Reference).. I even asked Drake like, dude could yall have maybe made that a little more PG 13?? He just laughed, but .. I do appreciate the other references though. Its great to know that the impact is still there. Again I dont take anything for granted, so to know that the impact even after all of this time is still there, Im so grateful.

KayKi-Understandable! Now, we know about the list, but if you can think of one thing- whats the single most important characteristic that a person ABSOLUTELY should have in a relationship?

Chilli-You just have to be true to who you are you know. Thats the thing. Let me tell you something, I am 39 yrs. old, and people do not change! People always say that change happens but it doesnt. The only way it does is if someone is willing to change themselves you know!? I am SO much so in many ways the same way I was when I was 19. People dont change. It also goes back to that old way of thinking about things. ..you know the women used to tell the younger women, "honey you have to let that man be a man!" Its like what?!? No, you have to let him be a man by himself because if he's a certain way and doesnt want to change he wont. You better tell him to kick rocks, because guess what, if you dont he's gonna end up kicking them anyway and be off with some other woman while youre hurt.

You have to know what you really want & who you are. If youre with someone or you meet someone who doesnt want you as you are then you'll be miserable. We as women often view men and relationships as projects and I always say projects belong in school. You have to be true to what you really want & know yourself. Thats how I used to be. Id say from like 19- 29 or really like 26 ish.. I was a really strong person and I met a guy who literally told me that they didnt like that so I was trying to like change myself to fit what he wanted. And I had to realize that thats not what I should do. Trust me honey, there is someone out there that who will think you magnificent just the way you are.. stay true to yourself!

KayKi- Amen! One of the reasons I admire you & enjoy following you on twitter is because  you seem so genuine. I also love that you encourage your fans to pray and know God.. I mean, I too love God and it just does my heart well to know that some celebs understand their platform and what it can be used for. How do you feel about that and how much of a role does God play in your deciding to be in a relationship with someone?

Chilli- I agree its like, I cant stand when someone says, well Im not a role model. Im always confused by that. I mean, youre in the type of business that will make people look up to you.. so you are a role model. As far as God in relationships..its so much of importance that it is a deal breaker! Ive learned that being with someone who doesnt have that love for God just really complicates things. It has to be the center of the relationship. When God is the foundation it just makes it a lot easier to be together. That is first! 

KayKi- I usually ask this at the end, but since you brought it up a bit ago, its a question I always ask people who have been successful in some way, if you could talk to the pre TLC Chilli or that 19 yr old Chilli what would you say to her?

Chilli-What I just said.. stay true to who you are. Surround yourself with like minded people. Love God first. Thats so important. If youre around people who are the same and dont want to change, they will suck you dry. If you have a friend who you've been giving the same advice to for 5 years.. that drains you. Id tell myself to stay around people who are going some where like I am..and just stay true to who I am.

KayKi-Oh some of my girlfriends are not gonna want to hear this interview..I decided in 2010 that Im not gonna keep carrying everybody's burdens & I had a better year for it! Its one thing to be an ear, but youre so right, people have to want to change!

Chilli-Sweetie you cant carry everbody's stuff! That will AGE you!! You have to let go. How old are you (KayKi- 24) hahahaa.. honey yes umm.. some "friends" I had at 24 I cant even tell you where they are now. Its great that youre learning this lesson now.. at such a young age. Thats going to make you an even better person when youre older. Its good to learn this early..but dont keep learning it up until youre 39.. learn it now and use it.

You have to let some people go in order to become the best person and thats ok. You have to take care of yourself physically.. make sure youre drinking lots of water..staying hydrated and eating healthy.. no alcoholic beverages of ANY kind young lady & no smoking..! All of that ages you..You have to take your mental & emotional health just as serious.. and some people will suck you dry!

KayKi-(yes ma'am!) lol  Now to venture a bit.. I always like to know, being that you have been VERY successful in the music industry yourself, what artists do you dig? Who does Chilli listen to.. who is in your ipod?

Chilli-Its kinda funny because I always listen to the same people.. I love the new MJ.. you know MJ is my husband, yes thats my baby, love his new album. I also really like El Debarge's new project it is REALLY good. (KayKi- I havent heard it I keep hearing about it) Yes! You need to get it from the first to the last song is really good. Im a huge fan of B.O.B. but you know who Im waiting for..? 3000 to release another album.. he really is my favorite rapper !

KayKi- Well that makes two of us waiting! I love 3000!


Chilli had to rush off to another interview so we had to end it here. We talked soo much, but it was a great chat. Im sure it wont be the last. Oh and I KNOW you all are going to kill me because I didnt ask about Usher. Here's the thing.. I had planned on that being my last question..just about the "There Goes My Baby" theory..but when we ran out of time and I ran it across Christal, I took it as a sign that I should just leave that alone. So, I know you all were expecting that..Im sorry xo Again I want to thank Chilli for her time!


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