Friday, January 14, 2011

A&E's Beyond Scared Straight Great Show For Troubled Teens!

Talk about scared!! I was so scared last night I almost called my mom just for comfort! LOL.. A&E legit is one of my favorite networks. Thats big coming from somebody who barely turns on her television. They ALWAYS have thought provoking shows and I love it. Yesterday they premiered "Beyond Scared Straight", a show that takes troubled teens into real prisons to meet the real thugs and bangas. The video below captivates you but its nothing compared to actually seeing it.
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The girls last night thought they were mad tough  until they sat face to face with Green Eyes (above) and Diabla aka Baby Devil who is seen for a second in the video below saying she will walk into your hood and smoke you.. YES that is a woman & YES she scared me socks off! It was great to see that all of the young ladies post production, save one, had changed their ways. Be sure to check this show out Thursday nights on A &E.


  1. Yeah I heard it was crazy!! From the looks of it....I concur

  2. I am watching the rerun and I would like to know how you can sign a teen up for the show. I live in KY and we have a prison here. My niece is a troubled teen and she is 11 years old. She is way out of control and have some serious issues.

  3. Jay.. it was SO good!

    Hey Anonymous.. I hope this link will help you find what you need for your niece! xo

  4. i have an 18 yr old daughter, who is sexual active, has skipped classes and beat a girl up in school.....this has been going on for sum time now and she had such a bright future ahead of her i hate to see it all go away. im just to the point to where i don't know what to do anymore. shes very defiant, out-going, and strong willed. she hangs around (and im far from racists) these black thugs who do all kinds of things and gets in trouble. just a bad crowd to b hanging around. if this keeps up shes headed for prison and i dont want that to happen...anyone know of any programs out there that is low cost or free so i can help my daughter?