Thursday, January 13, 2011

BabyKayKs Welcome New Contributor m[$w@!n

Im quite excited about this one- arent I always???? Hopefully you guys are excited about the additions as well. No... not the little guy.. Thats my adorable nephew Maddox Christian.. though he REALLY is bringing the pain w/his fits daily, he's too small to hold a job. lol

The other guy-who is no stranger to me at all.. he's actually my big brother and responsible for Id say abooouuuuuut 40% of the KayKi's Closets posts! Dude has always been on top of the fashion game. I mean for as long as I've known him- which would be as long as Ive known myself- he's been killing it! 

m[$w@!n - known for his crazy sense of fashion.. and sense of humor has consulted for years without claiming the title. He's forced a lot of people into styles they werent comfortable in, until they got them on (I would know!). He's a visionary with this one! So, after much consideration I figure..why keep sending me the stuff to post when you can do it yourself!?!? BabyKayks welcome my brother to the site.. I know he'll keep yall up on your game! And PLEASE tell me my nephew Maddox Christian is not killing the game everytime you see him as well! haaha