Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Amazing Story: Oprah Unites With Half Sister

How cool is this. I tried to get video.. but its hard to do with Ms. Winfrey- so here's the short of the long if you missed it! A woman from WI knew from the start that she was put up for adoption at birth. After a few years in foster care, Patricia was adopted by a family. She always wanted to know to what family she really belonged to. She longed for her birth mother to return for her, but to no avail..Read on for short clip from today's show & more of this amazing story!

At 17 she had her first child who finally gave her the sense of belonging and identity that she always longed for. Soon after she had another child and seemingly her family was coming together. With the encouragement of her 2 children she decided to try again to reach her birth family. After trying and trying, she finally got a response from her birth mother..the response was simple, "Im not ready to meet you."

Patricia decided to place it in God's hands and literally the very day she received the answer from her birth mother, a miracle happened. While Patricia was on the phone with her son, an interview was on the local news with Oprah's mother Vernita Lee. Ms. Lee explained in the interview that she'd had two other children who passed away.. Patricia's adoption papers revealed that she had 2 siblings who were now deceased. The names of both siblings were revealed, coincidentally one was also named Patricia.

At that moment, Patricia (who knew that she had the same name as one of her siblings) was on the phone with her brother had an aha moment! Could this possibly be a coincidence?? Her son then took it upon himself to find Oprah's bio online. He asked his mother the year of birth of the remaining sibling her adoption papers had disclosed, her reply matched the year of Oprah's birth found in her bios. This story began to become even more interesting!!

Patricia tried and tried to contact Oprah's mom & her mom's pastor and even emailed the show, but she wasnt getting any answers. Pat said, she didnt want the story to come out and hurt Oprah more than anything. So in a last stitch effort, Patricia went to Oprah's niece's restaurant.. Oprah's deceased sister Pat's daughter. Oprah's niece was a bit nervous, but she couldnt deny the resemblance between her deceased mother and the woman claiming to be Oprah's sister.

So, there is no mystery here.. they took a test and sure enough, they were related. Oprah meanwhile is so confused about whats going on that she demands her assistant to tell her. Just before Oprah comes out to do a show her assistant reveals to her, that she has a sister. Oprah claims that its the most miraculous thing she's every experienced. She and Patricia met just this past November! Oprah was moved to tears at the idea that her sister had held this secret since 07' and not once did she consider going to the media.

I loved watching this episode! Oprah has united many people on her show, she never imagined that it would be her being united one day! Another cool thing about this story is that Patricia, according to Oprah and her nieces and nephews, is the embodiment of her deceased sister Patricia. Her mannerisms, her personality, and her looks all resemble Patricia's so much that Patricia's daughters and even Oprah were moved to tears during the show to think of how almost eerie it is. I love it! Such a great show!!!!!!!!!!

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