Monday, January 31, 2011

In Case You Missed It: Nicki Minaj on SNL

I think she did a good job. You can tell she really can act! She may just be an act all together.. lol.. maybe the jokes on us. hahaa

Anywho if you missed her Bride of Blackenstein skit from SNL the other night catch it & her record with my boys The Lonely Island after the juump... SILLY! lol

Smile: This Baby is Not Happy with ANYTHING! LOLOL

This is soo cute!

New Music: Bobby Brown-Get Out the Way

Yall... I got SO weak when I listened to this. Im gonna be honest and deal with yall hate texts/emails later.. Ive never really been a fan of this dude. He still sounds the exact same to me. I think its a good effort, but its Bobby Brown in 2011...............??

Check it out after the jump... and umm.. producers/artists PLEASE stop putting "AYE" in your tracks. Thanks. lol

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who's On?!: J. Ahmad Speaks on New Album, Working W. Tyler Perry, & More!

BabyKayks..I had a great time doing this interview the other night! I crashed J. Ahmad's session to chat with him a bit for you guys. Im looking forward to all he has going on and Im sure you'll be too after this interview! Check it out after the jump!

President Obama Addresses Violent Protest Happening in Egypt

Protesters hit the streets in Egypt yesterday. They are angry and protesting the authoritarian leadership of their President, Hosni Mubarak. In Egypt, the government controls everything! The media- internet, television, mobile access- all of it is controlled by their leadership. PLEASE watch the video after the jump!

The big surprise here is that, with a revolt such as this one, the media for once is sort of rebelling themselves, and according to CNN, they are actually covering these protests for what they are instead of reporting them as terroristic exercises! As of right now the death toll has reached the 30s since yesterday.

Taco Bell Responds to Lawsuit! WHAT is In Their Beef?! LOL

Im sure by now most of you have at some point suspected/heard that Taco Bell's meat is not real meat. As you've heard for every other fast food/ or other restaurants. You know what I say, there is always a conspiracy going on for some people! Learn more after the jump!

Rappers with DUMB Tattoos Prt 2- TPain Did You Get a Check For This?

Mr. Autotune and the guy I say is responsible for the sound a lot of artists have been emulating for the past few years just got a tattoo on his arm.

This tattoo will either make him millions are add him to the list of "WTH was I thinking Tattoos" He'd be in there with Gucci & 45% of other rappers who get things permanently inked on them that are! See the tattoo after the jump!

Limited Edition Prada Shades -Dig em?

How funky are these!? Prada's Minimal Baroque sunglasses are set to be released next month. The company plans to only release 500 pair nation wide! Im  not sure how much they cost yet, but, "limited edition" & "prada" should give you a good idea of the range.. lol!

Friday, January 28, 2011

This White Guy is SINGIN!!

Here's another video shared with me during an interview the other night and can anybody explain what is happening!?!?? I mean.. Im lost for words.. this may just be grounds  for the only post of the day! I cant believe my eyes and ears at the same time! LOL

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Come on Summer! BeBe Aerielle Ankle Strap Pumps


These heels are soo cute. They are the perrfect summer jump offs and are making me miss warm weather! Bebe hit it right on with these. Many times white shoes come off cheap looking right? These have mastered to not look so. The photo's lack the actual flyness of the shoe in person, but you can get the idea. And for about 130.00 you can get the actual shoes! lol More pics of them after the jump!

In Case You Need A Laugh

I had a great interview last night which I am excited to share with you guys tomorrow... and while chilling after the interview, the artist and I shared some of our fave vids. This is one he shared with me.. and when I tell you I can NOT take her! LOL!!!! Clean Funny hunny!

First Lady Obama On Oprah Today!

Yes, two of my favorite women sat down this week to chat about a very significant issue this country faces; the sacrifices of military families. First Lady Obama has taken a stand for these families who are often overlooked. These families stand in the shadow and uphold the men and women that serve this country. Their sacrifices are innumerable, but theyre voices usually ignored.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who's On!?: Promise Speaks on New Music, Movie, & More!


Round two! Who's On..? Promise is! My girl is shutting everything down!! I mean..she's making some major moves! Talk about grind time.. she's been on that, and now she's seeing the benefits of staying focused & dedicated! Check her exclusive interview after the jump!

Recap: 2011 State of the Union address

In case you missed the 2011 State of the Union address Tuesday night, here's a summary chock full of memorable lines spoken by our very own, President Barack Obama.

This year's occasion had a bipartisan approach where Republican and Democrat Congress members sat together. President Obama congratulated new members of Congress and recognizing the shooting tragedy in Tuscon. Despite her seat being empty, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and husband Mark Kelly watched the address from her room in a Houston rehab facility. The guest list for First Lady Michelle Obama included Daniel Hernandez, aide to Giffords who helped save her life; the family of slain 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green; and Pennsylvania Brandon and Julie Fisher, owners of a small business that manufactures parts and equipment that helped find and rescue the Chilean miners.

New Music: Diggy Simmons feat. DOE- Everybody Late

Aww.. its Diggy again. This guys goes so hard. I really see him growing into a major hitter in hip hop even at his young age. He has a gift that is undeniable, and he's such a sweet heart! All of the makings of a great star! Well, Diggy is back  with yet another blazing track! Check it out after the jump!

New Brandy Album Summer 2011!

Brandy was on the Monique show last night discussing her life now and the show, A Family Affair with her, brother Ray J, and parents!! Brandy shared how much the show is hopefully a reflection of regular families. She told Monique that there are times where she has to apologize to her mom off camera for realizing she was out of line on the show. It was also insightful to hear Brandy talk about her bathroom singing videos!

The highlight of the interview for me though, was Monique's question about an album! Brandy spilled the beans that she is shooting to release in the summer of 2011!!! You know how hype that got every singer/songwriter in ears reach!? LOL.. we wait on a Brandy album faithfully! Sweeeettt...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Who's On!?: Willie Hen Speaks on New Single & New Moves!

This week is about to be great!! Im featuring some great artists & great music! There are artists out here who really should be looked out for. This week Im gonna try to hit a few different genres and preferences! I have mine and you have yours, but Im hoping I can find you with at least one of these artists! So let me stop yapping and let yall get to the first interview- Willie Hen!

 Had a wonderful time catching up w/ Will earlier this week! See what he's been up to after the jump!

Amazing Story: Oprah Unites With Half Sister

How cool is this. I tried to get video.. but its hard to do with Ms. Winfrey- so here's the short of the long if you missed it! A woman from WI knew from the start that she was put up for adoption at birth. After a few years in foster care, Patricia was adopted by a family. She always wanted to know to what family she really belonged to. She longed for her birth mother to return for her, but to no avail..Read on for short clip from today's show & more of this amazing story!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 RTW!!

LOL! Jersey Shore MiniMe-s


So.. I got this picture in my email and honestly, I laughed SO hard. I mean part of it is funny... part of it is sad. Not really sure how to feel about it..but I cant deny that that little Snooki is the best! LOL!  Is this really what the world has come to??? Hahahaha

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Da Bears Must've Still Been In Hybernation Last Night

Im not really a Bears fan.. I go for them because they are the home team, but even for me.. last night's game was SAD!  I can talk about how incredible the Packers' offense was...which really didnt leave much room for error for the Bears, but truthfully I think it was the fact that the Bears' offense was darn near non existent till the 4th quarter that lost the game.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Even Malaria Cant Fade Clooney's Handsome!!!

So... Mr. Clooney (who I am not ashamed to say I still have a crush on)chatted with CNN's Piers Morgan yesterday and shared with him that he's battling a bit of malaria (common in under some countries - read on for video!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Willow to Play "Annie" in Remake!!


The rumor mills are a blaze!!! The classic tale of the orphan Annie ( some of yall will only know of her by knowing one of the songs from the original script. Jay's sample on Hard Knock Life is from the musical) is said to be the next project of Sony.

Partnered with actor Will Smith (Willow's pops), the company plans to remake the classic and guuuess who's being eyed to play the lead!?? A black Annie would be cool! It would definitely expose some other children to such a great story!

 I mean if you had an incredibly talented daughter and was casting for a huge movie.. who'd you cast in the lead?! lol More details as I get em!

Tamera Mowry Is Engaged!!!

I know you dont know who this is.. Tia or Tamera..hahaha or maybe you true Sister Sister fans do! lol..but its Tamera!
Just a few days after twin sister Tia announces that she and hubby are expecting her first child, Tamera announces her engagement to boyfriend, Fox News Correspondent Adam Housley! News was circulating early last year about a rumored engagement, but this came straight from is true! Tamera was in the news a while ago when the two started dating for trying "Something New" I say bravo lady bravo! LOL!  Read on for dets & more pics of this couple!!

First Lady Obama in Alexander McQueen for Last Nights State Dinner

Last night our first couple welcomed the President of China to a very controversial state dinner. Civil Rights protesters have been making a scene all week. Who made the biggest scene last night though?? Glad you asked! Out First Lady Michelle Obama is always sooooo gorgeous! When she walked out of the doors with the President I was wowed. She gave the abstract robe created by the late & great Alexander McQueen its whole life! Shout out to our First Lady!

Check out a few of my fave looks worn by Mrs. O after the jump! You want to see these!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Regis Philbin Announces He's Leaving Regis & Kelly & Dumps Agent of 30yrs

Surprise Surprise! Funny man and morning show staple Regis of  Live with Regis & Kelly announced to the world ( and reportedly to Kelly :/ ) that this would be his last year on the syndicated talk show. Im not sure if you BabyKayKs actually watch it, but when I get a chance to watch it I do. Its actually rather entertaining. Not only did Regis leave the show, but he's also dropped his agent of 30 years!

Brian Says Fellow Backstreet Boy AJ Willingly Checked Into Rehab

Brian, Nick, AJ, Howie

We learned a few days ago that Backstreet Boy AJ McLean was headed back to rehab. For fans who have loved this group & been following them for years,  this probably was sad, but not surprising. AJ has long struggled with substance abuse and has been to rehab before. Reports were saying that during a recent cruise his addiction spiraled out of control, causing many staffers & fans a huge upset.

So, the question I guess was, whats the difference in this time and the last. Fellow BB Brian Littrell expressed what he feels is the big difference.. read  on to hear..

Justin Bieber Opens Up To Fans On Twitter..

Im not sure if Twitter had any intention on being as therapeutic as it has proven to be. Everyday people like you and I get on it to tweet our thoughts, even if its just to get them out of our heads. Its easy to pick up your phone and text a thought, quote, or frustration to a group of people who have said "yes I wanna know those" by following you. The same has proven true for many celebs who have come to use Twitter for the same purposes. A prime example is Justin Bieber's 10+ twitter letter to his fans! Read on for the tweets..

This ATL Weather is Sending People OFF! lol She Mad!

A glow in the dark .... party.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brett Favre is retiring (again)

A veteran of the NFL has decided to hang up the helmet for the third time, and it looks final. An NFL spokesman confirmed Monday that Brett Favre, who spent 20 momentous seasons in the league, filed his retirement papers. The 41-year-old quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings came off a disappointing season with 11 touchdowns in 13 games and was intercepted 19 times, finishing with a low 69.9 passer rating. After playing 297 straight regular season games, Favre's body has had enough. He's suffered injuries to his elbow, foot, chin, neck, back, ribs and calf--plus a sprained throwing shoulder.

Diggy Simmons & Jacob Latimore Perform Live at Jessica Jarrell BDay Party

Im sure every teenage girl wouldve loved to had been at Jessica Jarrell's (you know the girl other little girls wouldve killed to be-because she toured with Justin Bieber?.. that Jessica)  Sweet 16 party over the weekend!  Jacob Latimore and Diggy Simmons were among the party goers & performers for the party & they seemed to have nailed it! The two performed Jacob's "Like Em All". Fun little jam! 

You all remember my Diggy interview right? Remember when I asked what celeb he had a crush on...(Read on for pic & video of performance)

Kanye Says Your Blogs SUPER Late & Wrong In Recent Twitter Rant

The above watch has been on many of the mainstream blogs recently!! The title being that the ever so cocky Kanye purchased a watch with his face encrusted in diamonds on it! Everybody has been buzzing about how arrogant you'd have to be to buy such a watch. Clearly the type of person they make Kanye out to be... but he revealed on twitter tonight.. that its ALL a lie!

Breezy Art-CB TV: Chris Brown, Swizz, Tyga, & More Talk Style

Chris Brown teams up with some fellow artists to talk about their unique styles. Everyone knows that these guys are fresh in their own way. They all explain how its beyond fashion for them. I dig how the younger guys attribute and respect the fashion of generations before them as influences to their own style! Check the full webisode after the jump.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday First Lady Obama!!!!!

She is undoubtedly the epitome of grace and beauty. Intelligent and strong. A woman who is the First Lady of the USA and still shops/wears Target!! LOL! I love her humility and style! I pray that today is the best birthday of her life so far! Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle Obama!

Chilli's What Chilli Wants Viewing Party With Fans

Mac & Soft Sheen sponsored a fun event last night with Chilli of TLC & a few lucky fans! Chilli & team over at EnchantedPR started a contest on twitter which would allow fans to tweet their list in response to Chilli's infamous list on the show! Fans sent Chilli their list of standards in a relationship and she hand picked a few to come chill with her and watch an episode of What Chilli Wants.. They had a ball! Chilli is definitely a character.. some of the highlights for me were the personal stories shared by the fans, and Chilli finally addressing the elephant thats always in the room w. her and relationships.... USHER! Read on for vid & her comments!

Usher Baby?? vs. Kanye??

Can you say dapper?!?!?! Both of these guys are just handsome in this picture! Usher with the black on black & Kanye with the classic look, save the white handker.. I just love. So, the question is... who looks better? I am surprised that Id have to go with Usher in this one, being that I prefer the chocolates myself. lol. Maybe.. its this little sly smile he's giving. Kanye is stuntin on here too though.. gotta love a man in a suit!

New Music: Britney Spears- Hold It Against Me Reeeeemix ft. FloRida

Hold It Against Me has taken over the world as every Britney Spears single/leak does. I remember a time when a song would hit the airwaves and their was enough control over it to let it rest for a bit before a remix followed, not the case in 2011! lol.. A remix has already surfaced w/ FloRida... Britney Stans.. hear it after the juuump!

Golden Globes Best & Worst Dressed

The Golden Globe Awards aired last night. For the most part I enjoyed them..but Im not really into that sorta award show. So, I mainly was watching for the fashion..because, you never ever know who's gonna hit and miss! Last night was a pretty fair game. We had some incredible stand outs (in my opinion) & some people who totally bombed! My best dressed goes to Olivia Wilde who looked like a diamond princess in a strapless coffee brown Marchesa gown.. just dazzling! I also loved Jennifer Lawrence's black & grey LV gown! More pics below!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


No need  to go Back & Forth, youre definitely One in a Million! When We Need A Resolution, youre More Than a Woman! Just  letting you know, I Care For U & Miss U! #HappyBDayAaliyah

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. - Full I Have a Dream Speech!

I have heard, recited, and heard this speech again, millions of times... I still have chills everytime I hear it. Thank you Dr. King for your energy, and tone, and mostly your sacrifice. I am your dream.

New Music: Tyrese- Somebody Loves You Back (Teddy Pendergrass Tribute)

Ive always thought Tyrese was like our generations Teddy P. I mean for a plethora of reasons. First off Teddy was known as the tall, dark, and handsome ladies man with the manly voice! There is nothing soft and feminine about Teddy's voice. When you hear it, you know its a real man behind the mic. Read on for more & Dont forget to share your comments below*

Michael Jackson's Doctor to Stand Trial for Manslaughter

Michael Jackson’s personal doctor is ordered to stand trial for involuntary manslaughter charges for allegedly killing the singer with an overdose of powerful sedatives. Conrad Murray, who claimed he was treating the King of Pop for insomnia when he died in June 2009, also had his license to practice medicine in California suspended. According to the AP, Murray will be arraigned on January 25, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled after six days of hearings regarding evidence that Murray tried to cover up giving Jackson an overdose of the drug propofol. If convicted, Murray could face up to four years in Jail and lose his doctor’s license if the case goes to trial.

Lets Call This the Toya Carter Takeover!

For a while now, Id say probably as long as this blog has been in existence, Ive had what I'll just call the honor of being hounded by Toya Carter fans. Yall. Dont. Play. Whether its just to blog something, or that you disagree with something I did blog you guys email me more than anybody! lol 

One thing that youve consistently hit me up about is a woman who "claims to be Wayne's real first love or whatever". 

Im sorry but I have no interest in blogging her, but since you all take the time to email me I thought maybe I could just post SOMETHING about Toya lol ....... 

Which these days is not hard to do. Def dont want yall to think Im ignoring your emails.. I just dont wish to entertain the negative when Toya has SO much going on thats positive.

For starters, she is everywhere & I have a feeling that she's just getting started. 

Her boutique opened a few months ago in New Orleans, she and fiance Memphitz are on the cover of S2S Magazine, where she talks about what its like being with him. The promo for new show, Family Affair just hit airwaves. She's about to release her book, Priceless Inspiration, I mean, your girl is going all sorts of hard! And I commend that.

So, here is the S2S cover & the promo from her new show! She looks gorge on both & the energy of the promo is crazy right.. can you say fierce!? 

Not much, but I hope this will suffice! Im sure she'll have something else for me to share tomorrow! 

Friday, January 14, 2011

A&E's Beyond Scared Straight Great Show For Troubled Teens!

Talk about scared!! I was so scared last night I almost called my mom just for comfort! LOL.. A&E legit is one of my favorite networks. Thats big coming from somebody who barely turns on her television. They ALWAYS have thought provoking shows and I love it. Yesterday they premiered "Beyond Scared Straight", a show that takes troubled teens into real prisons to meet the real thugs and bangas. The video below captivates you but its nothing compared to actually seeing it.
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Christian Louboutin Spring 2011 SnakeSkin Slingback

Ladies, gather around and allow me to tell you a well known secret. (I know, I know that's a oxymoron) There ain't a thing more bang'n to a man than a woman in a fly pair of heels.....NOTHIN'! It's the equivalent of you all finding a heterosexual man who looks good to you, loves GOD, loves his mama, has a good job, great credit, & is well groomed. (yes.......y'all just wearing the right heels does that to us....don't judge). More pics after the jump.

Will you make the switch for iPhone 4?

For Verizon Wireless customers that are iPhone fans, the wait is over. The company announced Tuesday that it will start selling a version of the iPhone 4 on Feb. 10, giving U.S. iPhone buyers a choice of carriers for the first time. The news excited countless Verizon plan holders who didn’t want an AT&T phone for one reason or another. The iPhone has been exclusive to AT&T since 2007.

New Music: Timbaland & Missy!!!!

There arent many collaborations as epic as Missy & Timbo. When these two come together its like the stars align. So, when I heard that he'd leaked a record that they did together..I got uber excited. I knew a few things would be true.. I knew Id have to hear some raunchy lyrics..thats Missy on occasion. I also knew that the beat was gonna go so hard I SPAZZ! lol..Read on to hear the new release!
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ursherbaby Breaks Down on Stage - Fans Boo In Berlin

Awww.... so not to make light of this.. but the last time Usher cancelled a show for his worldwide OMG tour -though he claimed he was injured, it was said that he had some drama with the ladieS in his life. I dont know how accurate that was, but here we are again with yet another cancellation.

This time reportedly due to a sinus complication according to his official web site.  Berlin fans who paid for the sold out show on the 12th had to bear not seeing Usher one more day and witness his show on the 13th. Well, in the below video he appears to break down b/c he's unable to give the show his fans deserve...their response....?? A mix of boos and cheers. I feel so bad for him! See apology & video after the jump.

Touched By An Angel Star, John Dye Dies at 47

My mom loved this show! Its one of the shows we watched together actually.. I know she's gonna be sad to hear of John Dye's passing. 

According to his brother Jerry Dye, John died today of a heart attack. No further details have been disclosed. Read on to see co star Valerie Bertinelli's sentiments.
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BabyKayKs Welcome New Contributor m[$w@!n

Im quite excited about this one- arent I always???? Hopefully you guys are excited about the additions as well. No... not the little guy.. Thats my adorable nephew Maddox Christian.. though he REALLY is bringing the pain w/his fits daily, he's too small to hold a job. lol

The other guy-who is no stranger to me at all.. he's actually my big brother and responsible for Id say abooouuuuuut 40% of the KayKi's Closets posts! Dude has always been on top of the fashion game. I mean for as long as I've known him- which would be as long as Ive known myself- he's been killing it! 

Beyonce Is Working On New Album!

Yes Yes... its about that time again. Yall thought Bey could sit out for that long?? Not the hardest working chic in the game! Kanye's super producer S1 let it leak on twitter a few days ago that he is in fact working with Beyonce on some smashes! S1 or Symbolyc One is the producer behind Kanye's "Power"! Can you imagine Bey's vocals on a beat that hard?! Sheesh! Read more to see his tweets!

Remembering Christina: Tuscon Shootings

The nation is rejoicing after a stirring speech given by President Barack Obama Wednesday evening, at a memorial service dedicated to the victims of last weekend's shootings in Tuscon, Arizona. President Obama summed up the speech with a memorable request in memory of Christina Taylor Green:

"I want us to live up to her expectations. I want our democracy to be as good as she imagined it. All of us – we should do everything we can to make sure this country lives up to our children’s expectations."

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Say It Aint SO: Gucci Gets IceCream Cones Tatted on Face?!

Last night, the ladies over at theybf tweeted that Gucci Mane went SO hard repping So Icey just days after being discharged from mental health facility/rehab.  I couldnt believe my eyes! I mean.. I REALLY couldnt believe it! This man done gone and permanently put ice cream cones with the word brr tatted in them ON HIS FACE! Lord help!!!!!! Read more for a closer look at this foolery.

The ice cream cones are in addition to the many other tattoos and things on dudes face. Somebody help this guy and his whole crew and let them know that this is NOT the move. lol.. sheesh

Cabin Fever!

People are catching Cabin Fever from being snowed in since the weekend, and the snow-and-ice storm is slowly moving northeast. The storm has shut down most of the south, closing businesses and schools, and paralyzing airports. People from Ohio to New York are facing several inches of snow, are pretty much used to the blasts of Old Man Winter. Alas, people are tired of being shut in, but cheerful for more snow days. In Atlanta, which only had 10 pieces of snow equipment when the storm hit, officials planned to bring in nearly 50 more pieces--the most resources ushered in for a storm in a decade, according to the Associated Press. Back up supplies of sand and salt are on the way, folks! NYC may get from eight to 14 inches of snow with 35 mph wind gusts, while New England states are expecting a foot of snow.

Who's The Lucky Lady Kissing Biebs?!?!

Yes yes.. Christina Milian is the lucky lady who snagged "stole" a kissy from JB! She twitpic'd this cayute little picture of her & Justin just last night. Now before yall jump to conclusions.. it was all in fun! Im sure its nothing more, but you have to admit.. with the wave of Bieber fever going around the world right now, Christina would be 1 lucky cougar! hahaa He's just a baby.. :) Find out how she got so lucky after the jump!
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New Music: Uly Ft. Chris Ray- Music's My Life


My girl Kelcie tweeted this link last night and I (hoping it was her video) clicked on it. And while, I wasnt favored with a performance by her, I did like the song a lot. Very good feeling to it, and I know it rings true with soo many artists out there!

Remembering Haiti 1.12.2010

Where were you one year ago today, when news spread about the massive earthquake in Haiti? The anniversary of the natural disaster many experts call the biggest urban catastrophe in modern history is moving ahead amid a barrage of criticism over Haiti’s slow recovery and reconstruction, despite billions of dollars in international donations and aid pledges. U.S. officials such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are calling the anniversary another chance to “build back anew.” The country is holding two-days of remembrance. According to Reuters, President Rene Preval laid a wreath a wreath on a dusty hill marked with black crosses just north of the capital Port-au-Prince where mass graves contain crushed and mutilated bodies of tens of thousands