Friday, December 30, 2011

Lady Gaga Has a New Boo-You know him! ( & he's a cutie!)

Its been rumored that Gaga is dating Vampire Diaries' Taylor  Kinney. US Weekly claims that sources close to the couple let on that they arent THAT serious, but they are spending time together. These claims were verified when some photos were released just days ago depicting the two walking arm in arm.  

Kanye Changes His Name

Seems like lately, everybody wants to reinvent themselves by changing their names. Take Ron Artest for example -he is now...legally... Metta World Peace.  So, Kanye West (pictured as a child above in a photo from his aunt's house) has decided to follow suit.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

18 yr Old Kid Cudi Fan Says He Saw Him in Vision Just Before His Death

A few days ago, I posted an inspirational video that changed the lives of many people. A young lady took to her youtube account to share her life story as she battles MS. She inspired many people to do the same. 18 year old Ben Breedlove took to youtube to share his story just a few days later. Ben's videos speak about the 3 times he cheated death battling a very serious heart disease.

Fans react to Chris Brown & Rihanna Subweets

How long this will go on, no one knows. What seems to be absolutely obvious though is that for the past few months, Rihanna and ex Chris Brown ( & his mom) have been tweeting things that seem to correspond. In the world of twitter when you tweet someone but dont directly mention them we refer to that as "subtweeting". A lot of that seems to be going on with these two.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So.. Beyonce is in Labor

The internet has been going bananas for like 3 days with rumors that Beyonce is currently in labor or set to give birth (any day now). Its been everywhere! The mother to be is currently pregnant with her and hubby Jay Z's baby and this may be the most anticipated birth since Jesus. Even we here at are guilty of watching her every move. Its just so exciting to see them share this moment. What we havent done here is report how far along she is or whether or not she is due any day now.

WOW! Usher and Adele are Getting it in!?!?!??

These numbers are amazing! In a time when nobody is really supporting musicians and buying whole albums due to the ability to just buy songs they like from iTunes- Adele has managed to sell 5.28 million copies to date. Her album, 21, is the first album since Usher's Confessions to surpass the 5 million mark!! The album has had a series of incredible hit songs to dominate the charts themselves. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Check Out These Remarkable WTT Photos

To me there is nothing like a good picture. A great photographer is one of the best artists you'll ever find. I stumbled upon these photos by Photographer Tommy Ton captured during the WTT concert in NY. The photos speak well of a very intuitive photog who knows what moments to capture and capitalize on. Of course the fashion game is on is rocking the new Yeezy 2s set to drop soon and a leather kilt that made headlines everywhere he went. These pictures are dope.. check the others after the jump! 

Original Aunt Viv Says She'll NEVER do a Fresh Prince Reunion

The original Fresh Prince cast..Aunt Viv top right

Wowzers. TMZ caught up with the original Aunt Viv from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. After a recent reunion of the cast, many questioned whether her already known hatred for Will was still lingering after all of these years. Turns out, it definitely is. The war started years and years ago when Janet Hubert was released from Will's show mid season.

CONGRATULATIONS: Guess Which R&B singer is now engaged!!

It is cuffing! Well, thats what it looks like! I get really excited about marriage and engagements, just because it means a new beginning and they are usually very very happy occasions! Well, John Legend proposed to his girlfriend Chrissy Teigen according to his rep Cindi Berger  who released a statement saying,
John Legend and his girlfriend, model Chrissy Teigen, got engaged over the holidays while vacationing in the Maldives
Sweet right! No ring has appeared yet, but we're sure its something nice! The two have been dating for 3 yrs.

Monday, December 26, 2011

New Music: Frank Ocean- 4 Tears

Frank Ocean hit up his tumblr account with this release, 4 tears. He had few words to say with it- as normal he was short and sweet.

i just listened to this a few times for myself. figured maybe some else needed to hear it. it’s called ‘4 tears’
Check it out after the jump!

Guess which rapper Has a picture of Aaliyah tatted on him...

Looks like Drizzy Drake to me and that tattoo looks like Aaliyah! Drake has never been quiet about his love and admiration for the late r&b singer. I just didnt know it was THAT deep. If thats Aaliyah, its on a whole other level than we thought! Hmm...

It seems like lots of rappers, producers, artists, men had a deep affection for Aaliyah. Producer and good friend Timbaland just admitted the other day that he always loved her, but was afraid to take it to the next level.... AND that he hollered at his now wife, because she looks like Aaliyah..........................

Kelly Rowland Goes Top Model in Hunger Magazine

 Kelly Rowland is featured with Kelis in the new edition of Hunger Magazine. In the first release of the bi-annual fashion magazine, Kelly Rowland and Kelis get their model game on and they are killing it!  Kelis is always on top of her fashion game. She came into the industry making statements no one else wouldve thought to make.

Saturday, December 24, 2011 PSA & Merry Christmas from Me!

A ChiCity Christmas: Shockin Truth ft. Ashley Washington &BJ Sledge-Do You Hear What I Hear

Chicago in the winter/Christmas time is so beautiful! The lights, snow, and Christmas spirit  are everywhere. I was really happy when I heard that this year some of Chicago's most loved artists were getting together to spread some Christmas love!! ChiCity's own Shockin Truth , BJ , & Ashley are everything and a half on their own. Together they make this Christmas classic -Do You Hear What I Hear- like you've never heard it before!

112s Q Parker Covers Boys II Men / Brian McKnight "Let It Snow"

Its Christmas EVE!! Absolutely my favorite time of the year. The celebration of Christ, great time with family and friends, great food, and great music! One of my fave classic Christmas records is Boys II Mens Christmas album. My mom got it the moment it came out and it sort of added some "modern day" to her extensive Motown and classic Christmas collection she couldnt wait to start playing every year! One of the songs I really liked on that album was, Let it Snow.

 It's probably one that everybody loves. Well, heres a reason to love it even more! Q Parker of 112 chose it as his last QVersion of the year!  Some of you have been keeping up with his remakes of songs over the past few months. He's been blazing Q does every time he sings something. Check it out after you read on!

Christmas Music Time!-1st up Trevor Wesley:Most Wonderful Time of the Year

My girl sent me this video and a link to this guy's site yesterday and I LOVED it! Trevor Wesley is obviously not your average artist or even average soul singin white guy. He has something special going on. Its even more special when he decides to cover a Christmas classic like, Most Wonderful time of the Year. He flipped it though..made it his own. I dig him. Check it out after the juuuuump!

Friday, December 23, 2011

You May be Surprised by what "really bothers" Jay Z

Once again Jay Z is doing something that makes me proud to be a fan/supporter of his career. The mogul announced a few weeks ago that he will be performing a couple of shows at the infamous Carnegie Hall. This is brand new territory for the Hip Hop community. Jay, once again is leading the way in expanding the reach of the culture. This news comes as Jay is having an amazing year both personally with the announcement that he and Mrs. Carter (Beyonce) are expecting their first child, and the incredible success of his collaboration with Kanye- Watch The Throne. That album allowed Jay to break yet another record by being the person with the most top 100 songs on Billboard. All of these accolades and accomplishments surely make him proud, but one may be amazed at what gets under his skin.

Beyonce Loves her Alexander McQueen..Preggers or Not

We've been able to sort of keep up with Bey's pregnancy and I hope you guys are enjoying my efforts lol. I feel kinda stalkerish trying to always have the latest picture or whatever, but I dont mind that. This is the FLYEST pregnant woman to walk the face of the earth. I mean, its not like we didnt anticipate her being fly while she is expecting, its just the fact that she is doing it with such ease. Im sure she's over the cameras and such though. We're all just really excited for her and Jay!

Video Premiere: Rihanna- You Da One

Rihanna is back with yet another video. She just finished up her tour and just in time for Christmas dropped this vid for her latest single, You da One. The vid is directed by Melina Matsoukas, who also directed We Found Love and S&M for Rihanna, in their footsteps this vid is not for kids.. (speaking of We Found Love.. it is STILL #1 lol).  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Luda & TI Give Back in ATL

It is the holiday season! One thing I love about it is that people take the time to do for others who are less fortunate. I love especially that ever single year the hip hop community takes time out of their busy schedules to give back. Photographer Freddyo who is always on the scene in Atl was able to capture this happening in Atl. 

Holiday blessings: Marine's widow surprised with free house at Texans game

 A Marine widow and son got an extra blessing after the untimely death of her husband last month. At a recent Houston Texans game, Sara Wood and 5-year-old Landon were told they would be surprised with a gift basket, but something even bigger came their way. According to a local Houston newspaper, they were given a brand new four-bedroom house!

Did You Miss This- Timbaland E! True Hollywood Story

Timbaland, one of the greatest producers of all time was featured last night on E! If you missed it, you must check it out here!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rihanna Reacts to Dutch Magazine Calling her a N---- B----

Woah Woah Woah.. A Dutch Magazine went way too far in a recent article about Rihanna. You'd think you'd play it safe when talking about such a huge star, with a proven record of making things happen via her fans. Looks as though Dutch Magazine, "Jackie" missed that memo. The mag printed an extremely volgur and disrespectful article depicting Rihanna in the most obscene language, why?..the editor says-it was just for fun. Well, the humor in it escaped most of us including Rihanna. She took to her twitter page to blast the editor of the magazine.

Hey Sneaker Heads! --> Nike Air Yeezy 2s are Here-almost!!!!

So this photo popped up on Ye's manager Don C's tumblr. The kicks are highly anticipated and Ye has been rocking them throughout the WTT tour! No word has been released on the exact date you can cop yours, but its said to be sometime around March of next year. Im sure you Sneaker  lovers.. especially those with an affinity for Js will be sure to get these.

Merry Christmas from the Kardashians

People can say whatever they'd like about the Kardashians, but there are a couple of things you have to admit. The first is that they get money! They do not play when it comes to handling business. The second is they stay fly. I mean, even Kris (mama K) stays fly! I love it. This Christmas photo speaks volumes to that! The photo, which has a 3D element to it features the entire family in one big shot. 

Monday, December 19, 2011

PJ Morton signs to Young Money

WOWZERS! Looks like New Orleans is sticking together. One of the best things to come out of New Orleans- PJ Morton (writer, singer, musician, producer) just announced that he has signed to Young Money. The announcement follows a few other great career opportunities for PJ. His time with Maroon 5 has placed him in the minds and ears of fans he hadnt yet reached after his years of working in this business.  He made sure to be clear that he is still in Maroon 5, "double duty" he calls it.

Kanye poses with Mary Kate (or Ashley) & Chats it up with Mannie Fresh (Vid)

Most people know who Mannie Fresh is from the Cash Money era. You know, the Bling Bling & Back that Thang Up    days well, supposedly he's a legend in the game to many young producers coming up. In Kanye's latest Voyr video he's featured in a room with some of music's dopest producers right now and in walks Mannie. They all seem to have a great appreciation for the work he's done and he seems to genuinely be proud of them. Mannie Fresh makes sure to lay down  some ground rules that will most likely help the producers go far in the game. I thought it was way cool to see all of that talent in one room. Check out the video after the jump for more Kanye! This video had lots of cameos.. you'll notice Mary Kate and Ashley appearing at a party w/ Kanye.

Dr. Maya Angelou "disappointed" with Common Over their collaboration The Dream

My favorite poet (The reason I started writing poetry and eventually lyrics) Dr. Maya Angelou has been speaking out as to her disappointment with one of my favorite rappers-Common. Sheesh, whats a girl to do, right!? Heres the story... Common met up with the legendary poet/activist at a fundraiser and logically asked her to contribute to his record. An epic idea in my opinion. She laid a beautiful piece over his track and all was well - that is until the song came out.

WAIT! Is Mama Breezy Orchestrating a Chris Brown & Rihanna Reunion?!

Chris is definitely a mama's boy. His mom stood by his side through the toughest time in his career (and I'd be willing to say life) and looks like she is making it known that she's in support of his next personal steps too. Ive been watching twitter lately and it seems that Chris Brown and Rihanna have been subtweeting each other regularly! I mean, it just so happens that their tweets are about love lost and of course we want to believe that they are talking about each other . They may just be randomly commenting on other stuff right?! WELL yesterday I noticed something very..very interesting. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Jerry Sandusky's Lawyer says- "He was showing those boys how to shower" Um.

I think this guy has run out of options. Sandusky has been accused of showering and sexually abusing young boys over the years as assistant coach at Penn State. The case has been growing and growing against him with more boys coming forward and colleagues coming forward saying they suspected something. As if the case against him isnt enough, his own lawyer is releasing statements that do more harm than help to him. Check out the video & statement when you read on. These people have got to be kidding me.

If you need some inspiration or a reason to smile..

Just watch..

Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Chris Brown vid- Strip

Chris Brown just released this video for the record Strip from his mixtape... he looks so different to me for some reason. I know the blonde hair is a little different, but it also looks like he's lost a bit of weight. 

War In Iraq is FINALLY OVER!!!- President Obama's Promises Kept

A simple flag ceremony marked the end of a long and expensive war. It all started back in March of 2003.  Thousands of lives were lost ( a significantly higher number for Iraqis than Americans), almost 800 billion bucks spent, and people are still unsure why. The original reason given by American leaders at the start of the war was due to weapons of mass destruction. Well almost 9 yrs. later, no wmd have been located. 

Kanye Documents Homecoming in Latest Voyr Vid

Kanye West is without a doubt one of Chicago's greatest representers. We love to claim him and he loves to claim us. Thanks to Voyr, fans are getting an exclusive behind the scenes look at what it takes to do what he does.  While on the WTT tour ..he and Jay Z stopped through his old stomping grounds to shed a little light on what it was like growing up for him. He took Jay to his childhood home and told him stories about his life there. 

Steve Stoute Interviews Lady Gaga - Talks Jay Z & Kanye

The legendary Steve Stoute sat down with the legendary Lady Gaga for his new "The Tanning of America" series stemming from his same titled book in stores now. Gaga is such an interesting artist. She discusses with ease how & why her music reaches beyond all boundaries, and how much she digs Jay Z & Kanye's Watch the Throne record. 

Gaga also opens up about how much she appreciates Hip Hop and what it has meant to her as an artist. Check out the short interview when you read on... please pay attention to Steve's kicks and Gaga's nail game... bangin!

"It kills ya brain cells son, it kills ya brain cells.." Lean on me actor Jermaine Hopkins arrested for..

Having 200 lbs of weed on him of course. According to TMZ Jermaine was busted after driving across state lines with $100,000 cash in his car and alledgedly buying 200lbs of maryj. TMZ also reports that the police found another 100 lbs in the former actor's home. His reason for getting involved in the deal, "to provide his family with a nice Christmas". He is charged with two felony counts of possessing, transporting, and trying to sell marijuana. His bond is $35,000 & he faces up to 5 yrs. in prison if found guilty.  Hopkins is most famous for his role in hit movie Lean on Me as Thomas Sams.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Everybody Ke$ha's Sleazy Remix 2.0 is Missing

The internet went CRAY yesterday when Ke$ha released this Sleazy 2.0 remix. It was as if the Hip Hop Gods had answered everyone's prayer for a hit record. My timeline on twitter, facebook, and even my email inbox were all hit with non-stop Ke$ha info. It is to be expected though, being that she got some of Hip Hops biggest and most respected names on the bill. She grabbed Wayne, Wiz, TI &  3 Stacks! Most Hip Hop lovers would be satisfied with that line up right? There is someone for everybody..unless youre me I guess.

Five dead, 100+ wounded in Belgian city attack

A man with a history of violence summoned for questioning by Belgian police went on a rampage Tuesday at a central square filled with holiday shoppers. Identified as 33-year-old Nordine Amrani, he tossed three grenades into the crowd and opened fire.

JayZ & Beyonce Party in Vegas!

Mr. & Mrs. Carter had a night out on the town in Vegas recently. Surrounded by adoring fans and Cirque Du Soleil performers, Jay, Bey, & Baby Jayonce attended the premiere of Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour- Beyonce still in heels of course! More pics when you read on!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CONGRATULATIONS: Fantasia gives birth to her baby!

Monday, Fantasia & her highly profiled boyfriend welcomed their first child together. Antwaun Cook and Fantasia's relationship has been in the news since it began. This past summer she stunned the world with the announcement that she was expecting a child by her presumed married boyfriend. She's been keeping a low profile for a few months since that announcement, that is until yesterday! 

Fantasia and Antwaun welcomed a baby boy to their family! Congratulations to them!

New Music: TI & Pharrell -Hear Ye Hear Ye

TIP & Pharrell got on this one together. Pharrell seems to randomly make an appearance once a year somewhere, and Im sure TI is glad its with him. Jeezy also shows face in this video. Check it out after the jump.

Justin Bieber covers Usher's You Got it Bad

Im sure everybody knows this record. It was one of Usher's many hits during his domination in the early 2000s. Remember the video had he and his then (cough) love Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas in it in the rain?! LOL Anywho.. his protege Justin Bieber recently took a shot at the popular love song on a recent acoustic set..and might I add he sounds pretty good singing it. 

Ke$ha Like you've never heard her before- Covers Bob Dylan's Dont Think Twice

Ke$ha known for her grungy almost dirty appearance and rap-like approach to pop music, was surprisingly summonsed to cover a Bob Dylan classic for Amnesty International. Amnesty International is an organization that fights for human rights around the world. What most of her fans know is that Ke$ha has long been a huge Dylan fan. If you are like most other people you would immediately doubt her ability to do anything with a record of this type.  The idea of Ke$ha singing a slow and delicate ballad... some of you may say, the idea of Ke$ha singing at all is too much of a stretch. Well, see for yourself after the jump. Also check out her brief Rolling Stone interview where she discusses getting emotional while recording this song.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Chris Brown & His Girlfriend in Dubai! (Pics)

So TeamBreezy is going crazy over these pics of Chris Brown & gf model Karrueche in Dubai. Chris was actually there on business, but it looks like he & friends made the best of being in such a beautiful place. They released personal photos from their time there, and it looks like theyre having a ball! I wonder if the person who wrote me mad that Toya Wright is taking her husband to Dubai for his bday- is also mad about these 2 being in Dubai? Really folks, lets chill on the hater emails.

 We're starting to see more and more pics of these two out and about. Check a couple more pics after you read on. I also got a cute little video of Karrueche and friends jamming to some Rihanna- I'll share it this week.

Lady Gaga -White Christmas Live at Jingle Jam

The stars showed up for Z100's annual Jingle Jam as they always do & sang their own renditions of Christmas classics. Little Monsters all over NY went CRAZY to see Gaga in her full glory covering the staple, White Christmas- as only Gaga can. Check it out after the jump!

Whew! George Clooney Covers LA Times Magazine

The perfectly put together (thanks you Lord!) Mr. George Clooney is covering LA Times' latest magazine looking dapper as always!  The actor known for his sultry good looks is probably more popular these days for his humanitarian efforts around the globe than anything else. Clooney has been avid about changing the conditions of many less fortunate than he is.  

He's raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in relief efforts in the past. His heart seems to lie in the struggles facing Sudan and the many humans rights violations happening every single day there. With a brilliant idea and the help of a few of his good friends (Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Jerry Weintraub, and Don Cheadle), and his own hard earned money Mr. Clooney is taking a very radical stance against the situation in Sudan... read the full article  here! 

Will Smith in New Men In Black III Trailer

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back at it again! You MIB fans, be sure to check this one out, it looks as though there is a twist we should definitely look out for!  Its set to hit theatres on May 25th 2012. Im sure it will be another Blockbuster hit. Full trailer when you read on.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Amber Rose's Latest Photo Shoot- Has she lost a bit of her wow factor?

Amber Rose's photo Photo 3 xoxo :-)

Amber Rose tweeted out these pictures last night from her WhoSay site..of a photo shoot she recently did. As always she is naturally beautiful and model-esque as ever. Im wondering though, is it just me or has she lost a weee bit of her presence in fashion? I have always rooted for Amber mainly because Ive appreciated her ability to be herself amidst so much controversy & hate, but I also just loved her fashion sense.

Kelly Rowland's Abs Workout Video Preview!

The adorable Kelly Rowland has always had killer abs.. like....they've always been on point! Well, now fans are going to be able to see exactly what work she puts in to get them and to maintain them! Kelly is releasing a work out vid with celeb trainer Jeanette Jenkins and from the looks of this preview video- yall need to get ready to work! Kelly is great at this whole work out vid thing though. Check it out when you read on.

Would You Buy a Cassie Album!?

Cassie hit the scene a few years back as this really pretty girl with a really ok voice. I remember hearing her live a couple of times and not being impressed, but thats not anything strange. Many people who come into the game need a little bit of time to get their live good singing together, lol. No shade I actually dug her records. Well now, Diddy's girl (literally) is back at it with King of Hearts a single for her next album I guess. Cassie & Diddy stopped by BET's 106th & Park yesterday to premiere the video! Diddy had lots of great things to say about Cassie as an artist and a person.

I wish her great success. She seems to have all of the makings of a great artist, she's GORGEOUS, has some talent on the mic, and has a swag all of her own for sure. Hopefully thats enough this time! Check the trailer out after the jump!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Video! Diggy Do It Like You ft. Jeremih

Yesterday our favorite Diggy Simmons premiered his video for Do It Like You ft. Jeremih. Guys! Diggy has grown up!! I love this little song and Diggy once again is showing he's a serious artist. I dig how he's able to stay relevant and respectful. Diggy managed to find that balance early on, so its probably second nature to him now. This smooth almost R&B vibed record is just what his Jet Setters want from him. He even serenades them a bit in this record. Who knew he could sing too!? Check out the full video after the jump & be sure to check back for the latest on him!

Mama Tina,Beyonce, & Baby Jayonce Out & About

The DEFINITELY pregnant Beyonce was spotted out in NYC with her mom Ms. Tina. Reports say they were leaving a mani pedi spot, but really ladies- do we throw on a pair of Loubs w/ a fresh pedi?? I dont know- maybe people do. Anywho, isnt Beyonce rocking her pregnant weight well? I mean for the folks who swear she's not pregnant just look at her face and the rest of her body. She's definitely got the extra weight on & she has the pregnant glow as well! I wonder how Mama Tina feels about her still rockin these heels  :/ More Pics after the juuuuump.