Friday, January 29, 2010

Music That Moves Me

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So the other day on twitter I see that my followers number had jumped a bit, so s always I go to say hi and thank you & guess who one of them was... Blu Cantrell!!! The CRAZY part is, my boy Matt & I had been chatting about her for like the past few days! I was like- that is uber weird. So, I hit her up to see if it was really her or a fan page. She said it was really her. Man, I LOVED me some Blu Cantrell, with the rest of yall! Her music really empowered women to do them! We need her back asap! I told her about this blog and she said she'd keep me up to date with anything she has going on, and I'll be sure to let you all know! So, I decided to feature her today!We wish her the best! Also if you are on twitter, make sure you're following Ms. Blu. Enjoy BabyKayKs

Blu Cantrell Breathe

The9000boyz Bring Keep It Classic Wednesdays to the Inferno!

This week has been an extremely busy week for me BabyKayKs!! Whew! Im extremely happy with the way it turned out though...Part of the lovely madness included a gig I had with the beautiful Promise, that I invited all of you to on Wednesday at Inferno. It turned out to be a great success. The event is put on every Wednesday by the9000boyz , a group of music professionals who also do events & online tv. The9000boyz consists of: I.L., KG, Leslo, Snotty, 2Fly, B Mann, and Black. Keep It Classic Wednesdays is just one of the events the fellas do.

It is an artist showcase that features the dopest acts ATL has to offer. Last Wednesdays show was amazing. Everybody did great! It was my first time getting to hear my girlie Brie do her thing w/ Sir Will & the Rose Parade live, and now I see what the hype is about- they KILLED! That Neveah & Brie shut it down, and of course Will just blew us away! Absolutely a fan now. Also my boys Dukes of Daville were in full effect! Its literally been years since I seen these guys live and I loved it just as I used to! They are an incredible band! Promise did her thing with a lil help from myself and a fellow songwriter PG. Even under the weather my girlie rocked out & she was super fly while doing it!

There were a lot of people in the buildin! My girl Heather one of the baddest dancers I know rocked the stage with singer Corey Mekell and did what she does, which is slay the dance floor! Those Kittys Litter girls, I tell ya! lol. S/O to some other dope industry people who were in the building/hit the stage: amazing producer DClax, drummers my boys JBake & Jeremiah, singer Sam Blair, crazy songwriter Chase J,Nivea was in the buildin looking great, photographer/blogger KodakBoi (, Nick Hagelin, Tayma Loren, dope hairstlyist Tokyo, and Jimmy Henne C! It was great to see/meet everyone! loved the energy in that place. Make sure you all check it out next week! Pics below, TNT BabyKayKs

S/o to JayPray Pictures for the photos:

KG, I.L., and Black of the9000boyz! Click to follow them!

My girl Promise doing her thing Click to follow her! & who's that girl behind her? lol :)

Sir Will & his Rose Parade, Miss Brie & Miss Neveah Click to follow him!

My boys Dukes of Daville, click to follow them!

Corey Mekell's set- click to follow him!

AmAAzing singer Nick Hagelin, click to follow him!

Artist Tayma Loren click to follow her!

Promise & Hairstylist Tokyo!

My girl Heather on the right, click to follow her!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kayki's Closet

So, I got in trouble again yesterday for that Valentino post! I know it was super expensive!!!!!! I just posted it anyway because it was hot! When I said I'd post reasonable stuff- that didnt mean I would stop letting yall dream. Anywho...I'll try to redeem myself today with these Stacey WP joints from Bakers for 70 bux..I think they're hot! TNT BabyKayKs

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Music That Moves Me

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ok! Who knows who KayKi's favorite singer is??? LOL! Yes! Brandy! Who knows what my favorite Brandy song is?? Yes! Shattered Heart! lol.. Im just in the mood for it today- its been on repeat, so I thought I'd share it with ya! Enjoy BabyKayKs!

"..Our love can save anything like the Father believe me.."(Yes for these lyrics Cristyle!!)

Brandy, Shattered Heart

President Obama's State Of The Union

I'll say MY President was feeling real President-ish last night! I loved this speech. Did you all watch? If you missed it... watch some of it here-TNT BabyKayKs, enjoy!

Ps..did yall see First Lady's dress??? O.M.G. Work!

Sarah Vivan Turns it Up for Her Lil Sis Jayde's 18th Bday!

The Birthday Girl! Click to follow Jayde!

Soooo... this blog & twitter have opened the door for me to meet a slew of great people! This past weekend I was welcomed to crash one of my BabyKayK's & Twitter fam's 18th bday party! Jayde (who had no clue I was coming) has shown lots & lots of love on twitter. Not only when I did my story on Sarah Vivan (her big sis) but just randomly. She encourages her followers to come read my blog & called me the best blogger ever...I dont forget things like that. So when I knew she was coming here to party for her 18th the least I could do is blog it!! Sarah & I kept it hush until the very moment I walked in, but Jayde knew exactly who I was as soon as I walked in.

The party was at 300 and it was a ball! Its great to meet people such as Tricia (Jayde's mom), Jayde, & Sarah and they actually be just as you thought they would be. They all welcomed myself and my bff Becky who tagged along with open arms. You never really know what people are like- though they have been mad cool to me on twitter, you just never know. Considering my previous blog/comments on Sarah, (because I know yall are wondering)..the chic is cool as heck. I felt like I was around my girls- no false pretenses or anything, and trust I can pick up on people's energy super quick. It was all genuine w/ Sarah. So please, get off her, or keep being internet thugs,lol. Im sure she doesnt care- just dont bring it to her. One thing I will say is, she's a real chic, & dont be fooled-I dont doubt that if you bring it to her face, she'll bring it back! lol. They were all very genuine. 300 turnT it up while we were there,lol. From the moment I walked in, they played nothing but Wayne/YM the whole time. Soon after I arrived came another set of guests, Young Money's Lil Twist & his boys came strolling in. They were all really cool guys and very easy to be around...and very very talented as we'd find out. We all bowled, ate, danced, sang, rapped, lol it was really a great time!

We all started off a little rough on the alley, but once we warmed up everyone did pretty well! Jayde was smiling the entire night, and she was the flyest bowler I've ever seen! She had on a pair of bad boots- which I'll hold any day ;) and bowled in them a couple times just because she could! lol! Even though it was her party and she had every right to be a diva, she was super sweet. Tricia, her mom was the same. I could tell right off the bat that she loves her some Jayde, Sarah, and the babies. This lady also has the best sense of humor! She was just as hilarious in person as she is on twitter! I loved how they all interacted with each other, and Beck and I never felt like we were strangers in a room full of people who were all familiar with each other- it just felt easy to be there from the door. Loved being around these ladies, but some of my most memorable highlights of the night came from the babies that were there.

Sarah's children are just toooooo cute! Essence made sure to tell me all about her Hello Kitty outfit she was rocking, I mean in detail (She not only looks like her mommy..but looks like she'll be styling like her as well!)She also did a great job bowling! Now Lil Tune is just adorable! He is the cutest thing! He: danced,gave us an "Ayyy" every now and then, ate cupcakes,and even bowled w/ Uncle Twist. They were just a joy to watch! Though it was Jayde's party, everybody's attention shifted to the babies every now and then because they were super cute to watch!! It was great to see Lil Tune focus in on the screens when his daddy came on, just adorable. Sarah def has a lil diva on her hands with Essence and she & Wayne def have a lil heartbreaker with those eyes on lil man.

Sarah really turned it up for Jayde! Her party was hot, and the Chanel cupcakes were dope! Sarah went to light one for the birthday song & when she walked up to me and said help me start it, I freaked out! Yall know Im a singer/songwriter, I mean thats what I do- but not for the past 2 weeks. My voice has been, gone! Even though I know Sarah didnt mean for me to just burst out into a solo lol..I still felt really bad that I couldnt even sing an ok rendition w/ everyone else. Well, thank God for the amazingly talented young men that were there. Lil Twist suggested that we let his boy, 15 yr. old Khalil, an Island Def Jam artist serenade her..and THAT he did. Whew... we all had to catch ourselves, we were not ready for what came out of his mouth- ladies and gents please be ready, there is definitely another heart throb on the loose!

Once we finished smashin those wonderful cupcakes and bowling, we stopped for some picture opps...little did we know, the best part of the night hadnt even happened. Jayde is a huge, I mean HUGE Chris Brown fan. I knew that from following her on twitter. She loooooves her some Breezy. Well, while everyone else was hovered around the door putting on coats and such (s/o to Lil Tuney in nothing but Little Mark Jacobs! Stuntin like his daddy, lol!) Lil Twist was over in the corner on his phone. Sarah and I were like, omg... he's calling we tried to play it off as he walked back over and handed Jayde the phone. She blushed sooo hard, heck, we all did! She excused herself from us and came back in in tears! Us girls were all mushy! Yall know you've had your lil teen crush and to get a phone call from them on your birthday?? OMG..we all could relate. That absolutely made her night, I thought that was so dope of Twist to pull that for her. Young Mulaaaah Babaaay.. lol

So, Im sure this was a night Jayde will never forget. She actually won, with the score of her bday 121 which I thought was cool. Shout out to her for being accepted into CAU! (the AUC in the buildin!) I know she has many many more great days ahead of her. With lovely people in her life as was demonstrated that night, the sky is the limit. My girl B and I were glad to meet such amazingly cool people..Tricia gave B and I the talk about how she's glad that Sarah knows some cool chicks down here, lol. I laughed because that was our first time meeting, but I still understood what she meant. She was just looking out for her girls, and I can def relate! None the less, we enjoyed ourselves and that night was allll about genuine people, real fun and celebrating Jayde- & thats what we did! I'm glad could be a part.

PICS: sorry so small :)
Jayde & her big sis Sarah, Im sure she'll never forget this night! Thats what big sisters are for! Click to follow Sarah
Jayde and her mommy Ms. Tricia... click to follow Tricia!
The fam together!
YM's Lil Twist... came through in a BIG way! Click to follow him!
Oh, yall thought I was playing--- no she really bowled in her boots.
Tricia got me!!! lol Hey BabyKayKs xox
A tower of Chanel for the Bday girl!
Island Def Jam artist Khalil, click to follow him on twitter!
Sarah & Jayde just after the serenade!Hmm.. I think that wish came true that night...quick huh! :)
Yep..We'll call this the "Breezy's on the phone" smile :)
Jayde and some of the fellas Mr. B (@MrBMB), Lil Twist (@LilTwist), Lil Za(@thereallilza), and Khalil (@CrazyKhalil)
Jayde w/the 121 win!
Kayki & Jayde at the end of the night, great party!

TNT BabyKayKs!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

KayKi's Closet

Ok BabyKayKs, I said I'd do a few "affordable" posts and I did, but I have to post this for the sake of just sheer flyness! Valentino is showing out with these! The shoe, is the Valentino Napa Patent Bow Pump going for about $700 at Neiman Marcus and while there if you can and want to, lol you can get this Valentino Python Rose Tote- and that will only cost you about 8 stacks. SMH! But, hey maybe almost 10 stacks on a bag & shoes is nothing to you! If thats the case though Im gonna need you to click that yellow and black box to the right of this blog! LOL. TNT BabyKayKs


Music That Moves Me

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Today's selection is by none other than the wonderfully talented, and equally beautiful Ledisi! This was her performance on the Monique Show, and boy oh boy. This woman's range is just stupid! I mean stupid in a good way. She's such a performer!!! Now, I usually shy away from the squallers, but I love her. Her album, Turn Me Loose is in stores now and Ledisi also is a 2010 Grammy Nom!!!! Love her, the album is great! When our First Lady Michelle Obama was asked who she listened to...guess who she said- Ledisi!!! LOL! Yes ma'am The First Lady knows great music when she hears it! This particular song is about self love- and I believe its something a lot of people, especially my sisters are missing!!!!! You have to love yourself before you expect any man to come a long and do so. Listen to the words! Enjoy BabyKayKs!

Ledisi on The Monique Show, "Higher Than This"

Whats Hanneninnn:Events In Atlanta


BabyKayKs in Altanta, here is another event that you can frequent every Wednesday. I'll be there tonight singing background for an artist named Promise. The show will be hosted by DJ Greg Street. Promise will be blazing the stage along with a few other dope acts including, Dukes Of Daville!! Come out and support if you are available! Below is a video of Promise in the lab with producer DClax...come check her out live tonight-Its gonna be great!TNT BabyKayKs

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Music That Moves Me

This is a throwback but any singer/musician can appreciate the incredible harmony these fellas produced. Everything feels great about them a capella! I've always loved them because my big brother listened to them a lot. I mean, Im not sure anybody can say they didnt listen to B2M in the 90s.. Shawn's voice is UNBELIEVABLE... I had a huge crush on Wanya growing up- his voice is amazing..- they are just really talented. When I was a preteen my brother flew out to Philly to work with a producer and got the chance to be up under these guys for a while. He always pressed how clean they sounded together live and this is an example of what he meant!! I love these cat's music! Enjoy BabyKayKs.

Robby from City High has an Intervention

This is def not Season 2...but you get the picture!

One of my absolute favorite shows on tv is Intervention. It stems from my heart for people and my desire to see how people's lives can change. I have blogged before about substance abuse and how much I am moved by people's personal struggles...moved to help in some way. Last night's episode of Intervention featured a familiar face to some of us: Robby from the group City High. Below is a clip of the show for those of you who missed it. I pray he stays on the road to recovery for himself, but mainly for his daughter who needs her father's love and attention. The industry- though not responsible per se for artist's addiction- is like a grand introduction to all things bad for you and can be a very difficult place for someone not strong enough to fight the temptations.

Many artists/celebs struggle with some form of substance abuse, and it is obvious that coping with that lifestyle can be extremely difficult. Whats the moral? Though it hurts to discuss and even to watch your favorite celeb take a turn for the worst (as it is always obvious- even physically when they do) it is also very helpful in showing that these people are REAL, and have real struggles just as you do. Lets all send a prayer up for Robby and the other people who bring so much joy, love, excitement into your lives. Celebs help to create some of your most cherished memories, and usually we dont think much about the burden placed on them. My prayers are with Robby again, and his family! TNT BabyKayKs

City High..Robby, Claudette, and Ryan
Robby on Intervention

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hope For Haiti Now!!

George Clooney the Hope For Haiti mastermind- thank you Mr. Clooney Thank you!!

Over the weekend, I was went on one of the biggest emotional roller coasters of my life. One minute my heart was filled with joy and the other tears beckoning at the edge of my eyes. Actor/Movie Producer (and one of the finest men I know!)teamed up with MTV and a list of the biggest stars/artists alive and put together a show that aired on almost every major television station and radio here in Atlanta and across the nation. Hope For Haiti Now was one of the most touching things to experience. They told real stories of hope, and had celebrities on line to answer the calls of the many people desperate to give relief the the Haitian people.

Among the artists were : Wyclef of course, Jay Z, Beyonce, Sting, A. Keys, Christina Aguilera, Dave Matthews, John Legend, Timberlake, Stevie Wonder,Rihanna, Kid Rock, Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow and Taylor Swift. If you wanted to feel a part of a bigger human connection, that show would've definitely done that for you. I know it did so for me. Some of my highlights were Beyonce, Wyclef, and Justin Timberlake's performances.I was SO moved moved!! All of the performances were available (Im not sure if they still are) on itunes the next day for .99 I love that we are all coming together for Haiti! We are all a part of a bigger plan, a bigger family, and a bigger purpose! Learn to help and you'll learn to live!

Beyonce accompanied by Chris Martin of Coldplay! "Halo" Ugh- this girl is just an AMAZING vocalist/performer!!!!! Kudos B!

Justin Timberlake "Hallelujah" accompanied by Matt Morris! I was in TEARS! From one singer to another this is a PERFECT vocal!

Earthquake, we felt the Earth shake, but the spirit of the Haitian people, THAT will never break!-Wyclef

Dont forget to help however you can! I love you all... Im tearing up writing this..TNT BabyKayKs

Whats Hannenin:Events In the A!

Rasheeda & Nivea, Sir Will & The Rose Parade among artists who hit the stage at ATL For Haiti Relief Effort at Obsessions!!
My girl Miss Brie (@MissBrieDidIt)1/2 of the Rose Petals in Sir Will & the Rose Parade, Rasheeda (@RasheedaGaPeach), Nivea (@1RandyWatson), and Miss Neveah the other 1/2 of the Rose Parade CUTE ladies!!

A few days ago, I uploaded a joint that Nivea & Rasheeda did for the MTMM feature. They remixed Timbaland and Drake's Say Somethin...and it is hot! Since I heard that record I dont care to hear the original. Its like when it drops on the radio, you're just praying its Niv's hook you hear come in, lol no shade to Drake, but that remix goes hard! Last night along with a few other artists, they came together and performed it live for the ATL for Haiti benefit show at Club Obsessions! I wasnt able to make it, but thanks to Freddyo and Kodak Boi I have a few photos and a video of their performance. Among the artists there were rapper, Diamond (formerly of Crime Mobb), & Sir Will and the Rose Parade which is another dope act s/o to my girly Brie - I know they ripped the stage as always!!!!!

Rasheeda is just that chic right?! I mean, I love her style and she went super hard on this remix. She's not a joke on the mic people, and everytime I hear her the more convinced I am that sooo many rappers male & female swagger jack her on a regular, but each his/her own. She def was killin in those SB shades (Im gonna have to interview this cat- his shades are everywhere!)!! I must say again that Im so glad to hear Niv back doing her shade to the other female singers out, but we just need something refreshing...and I have a feeling Nivea is gonna bring it with this next album. She's killing us w. the fashion as well-- ha! Dont act like yall dont remember, Niv was rocking the funky colored hair way before anybody else... I guess its safe to say...sheeee's baaaaack. lol. Enjoy the pics and video and again s/o to Freddyo & Kodak Boi TNT BabyKayKs

More Photos:
Rasheeda & Nivea

Nivea was GIVING in that fit last night- WORK ma'am!

Rasheeda killin in the SB shades as always

Sir Will & the Rose Parade doing what they do on stage!

Music That Moves Me

Today's selection was actually sent to me by someone I met on twitter, a songwriter, Thee Underclassman from the production team, The Lion's Den. We met while on a ustream with my girl Cristyle "the Ink" Johnson. I get a lot of songs sent to me to RT, or listen to. Im gonna start showing these indie/underground artists some love, and after you hear this you'll know why! Im a writer myself and its kinda hard to get noticed, attention in this game even when youre dope! So today's selection is by Jeramy Bailey produced by Lions Den! Enjoy BabyKayKs

@TheeUnderclass & @JeramyBailey on twitter

Friday, January 22, 2010

Whats Hanneninnn:Events In Atlanta

Here is a list of all events benefitting Haiti in Atlanta via Ajc! Please BabyKayKs if you can, be sure to hit 1 or 2 of these up!! Dont forget to donate via the Yele box on the right. xox TNT BabyKayKs

“Happy Hour for Haiti”
FRIDAY, Jan. 22 – “Happy Hour for Haiti” hosted by Shanti Das (Music Industry Veteran), Frank Ski (V103 Morning Show Host), Peter Thomas, Kwanza Hall ( ATL City Councilman), Attorney Marvin Arrington Jr, Devyne Stephens (Upfront Entertainment), Ryan Glover (Turner Networks), Bart Phillips (Sunseeker Films), James Andrews (Everywheretv/CNN contributor), Melvin Bratton (sports agent), Captain Munnerlyn (DB from Carolina Panthers), Dr. Alphonzo Overstreet (Medical doctor), Mo Ivory (Attorney/Political Consultant) , Shante Paige (Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns”), Sheri Riley (GLUE), and Keisha Lance Bottoms (Attorney/ATL City Councilwoman)

*UPTOWN(201 Courtland St, Atlanta GA 30303)

*6 - 10pm

*Donation: $10

*Proceeds to benefit Wyclef Jean’s “YELE” foundation for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.

*A representative from the Haitian Alliance will be on hand to discuss immediate needs for the relief effort!
“HAITI (Celebration of Life)”

*Touch (1599 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta GA 30317 – next to ESSO Night Club)

*10pm – 3am

*Donation: $10

*Live on the decks will be DJ Kemit, DJ Doc, DJ Mars, and Mixmaster David

*We will be accepting donations of medical supplies, clothes, personal items, and water (Information will be on-site from The Haitian


“Change for Haiti”
FRIDAY, Jan. 22 – SAT, JAN 23 – “Change for Haiti” – A night of music, spoken word and dance featuring Joey Sommerville, William Green and Magic Dream, Tammi Allen, R U M I, Mudbone, Kerwin Felix and the Infinity Show Band

*2 High Studios (1301 Chattahoochee Ave, Atlanta GA 30318)

*8pm until

*Donation: $20

*100% proceeds going to Yele Haiti; Hard good donations go to Hosea Feed the Hungry.

*Produced by Barbara Shaw, Inside/Out Agency and Will Francis, Citywide Project. For more information: (678) 754-6291

“S.O.S. for Haiti!”
SATURDAY, JAN. 23 – “S.O.S. for Haiti!” featuring V-103’s DJ Doc and DJ Cowboy

*Lion of Judah Event Center (6202 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain GA 30083)

*8pm – 3am

*Donation: $10

100% of the proceeds will go to Yele Haiti

For more information, call 678-683-4043


“ATL for Haiti Benefit Concert”
SUNDAY, JAN. 24 – “ATL FOR HAITI BENEFIT CONCERT” hosted by Greg Street; with live performances by Grand Hustle’s Baby Boy, OMG Girlz & More! (Also Nivea has confirmed via twitter that she will be there- maybe she & Rasheeda will hit that remix!- dont miss it tweeties!)

*Obsessions Night Club (4525 Glenwood Road, Decatur GA 30032)

*9pm – 3am

*Donation: $10

*Event presented by !KON!K, KBD, RUBiCON, & Grand Hustle

S.H.E.A.R.S. ATL: Salseros for Haitian Earthquake Aid

SUNDAY, Jan. 24 – S.H.E.A.R.S. ATL: Salseros for Haitian Earthquake Aid, Relief, and Support

*Academy Ballroom (800 Miami Circle Northeast, Atlanta GA 30324)

*8pm – 11pm (8pm – Beginner Salsa Class)

*Donation: $10

*We will have bins available to accept additional donations of WATER, non-perishable (and preferably ready-to-eat) food items, blankets, medical supplies, hygiene items, and the like. The supplies will all be turned over to the Metro Atlanta Haitian Alliance, who is currently fast-tracking these items directly to Haiti.

*An AfriSalsa supported event

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Music That Moves Me

Or maybe we should call this "Music That Moves Jayde" lol. Every now and then I ask on twitter what songs people would like to suggest for this section. The other week I chose Niece's "Bad Romance" by GaGa...and today we're gonna go with Jayde's pick because its her birthday!!!! I'd never have posted this/listened to it before, but its actually kinda hot. Jayde is a sweet heart and she has shown this blog SO much love, so hey its the least we can do right!? Happy Bday mama...I hope you have a blast this weekend w/your big sis!! Im not sure the A is ready for ya! lol Enjoy BabyKayKs
Jayde is @Jayde_2010 on twitter...follow her and wish her a happy bday!

Beyonce/A.Keys "Put It in A Love Song"

Tell The Truth

Christina Milian says Get it Right MTO!
Click to follow Christina on Twitter!
The gorgeous singer/songwriter/actress/mommy to be/wife of producer Dream *whew* lol Christina Milian took to her twitter page to defend her recent trip to a Sushi restaurant. MTO posted a story entitled "Dangerous Meal" reporting that the singer was seen leaving a sushi restaurant and posted pictures of her walking down the street(which didnt have any sushi in them, but hey..its MTO).

The implication is that Christina is set to have a baby here soon, and everyone knows that raw fish is not good for pregnant women. Christina took to her twitter page to make sure that people understood she was not putting her child into harms way! Blogs should be more careful about what they post- some things are just not worth implying! Get your stories straight- obviously this mama will be no joke once her little one gets here!!As always we wish her a happy/healthy pregnancy/birth/and baby :) Christina has visited us before :) You can find her comment in the Twitter love section! TNT BabyKayKs

There are cooked things to eat at a sushi restaurant @Mediatakeout... Duh, I have done my research and would never put my baby in danger so

Hope I don't sound harsh, but yeah I am very aware of the dangers. And no, I didn't eat any sushi. I am just already very protective

PS: Have yall seen her lately? OMG..she is carrying SO well... she's one of those adorable pregnant

Whats Hanneninnn: Events In Atlanta

Click to follow Jamal on twitter!

Hey BabyKayKs!!! This is another event happening in Atlanta, sorry for the short notice (Its today!!) but if you can make it you definitely dont want to miss it! My good friend Jamal who is an amazing/accomplished singer/songwriter/actor will be live!!! Check out the details on the flier and come out and support if you can!!! If you see me say hi :) TNT BabyKayKs

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wale on #ThatThing

Rapper Wale recently spoke to Honey Mag about Love..... and now I think Im in love with him, lol. This is for the grown ups, but I feel that he's making lots of relevant points! Read on BabyKayKs.


The irony in the pursuit of success is that once some of us achieve the dream we swore we wanted, the things that were important on the road to it tend to deteriorate — family, “friends” and often love.

When I was in early high school, I would chant nonsense like money over bitches. Looking back, I cringe. After failed relationships, failed “flings,” failed attempts at being a gigolo, player, or anything under that umbrella, I made a self declaration that 2010 will be the year of #thatthing. #thatthing is an absolute anomaly. It’s unexplainable. It soothes, it kills, it holds, it harms. It literally can grant life or death with one touch. And for this reason, many of us wear masks, metaphorically of course. Masks that cover insecurities. Masks that prevent #thatthing from capturing you in its relentless clutch. The fear of being hurt, for some, is far more important then the joy of being in love.

Women, how many men have you met who surround themselves around so many women, they wouldn’t be able to distinguish “the one” if she were right under his nose? I propose the same question to the dudes: Have you ever courted someone and did everything in your power to make her “open her eyes” (Bobby Caldwell x Common)? Yet she still wants to be in the club every other day or she tells you she doesn’t want commitment. That is her trying not to be vulnerable. That is the proverbial wall that can’t be penetrated because even the briefest daydream of #thatthing will send her into shock. #thatthing has the staring role in life’s movie. A nigga may have never experienced #thatthing, but his mother/father/sister/brother/teammate’s experiences may have been enough to instill the fear. A woman may never have experienced that thing, but her homegirl/bestfriend/play-cousin just may have made a fool of herself at a local club, go-go, movie theater or mall because of #thatthing.

I’ve decided to pursue monogamy this year because #thatthing is beautiful. I literally drove down South Dakota Avenue with a North Face coat (the big joint) some basketball shorts, a wifebeater, and Timberlands. (Nike boots were muddy) on a summer night, because I wanted to show her “how real these tears are.” I can laugh at myself now, but at the time #thatthing had me lunchin’.

Ladies, Gents — #thatthing don’t give a * what she/he looks like, either. Many of us have fallen victim to the I-can’t-believe-I-used-to-sleep-with-that-monstrosity syndrome. Another result of #thatthing. For fear of hurting someone’s feelings (and encouraging an angry woman to stalk me), let’s just say I once was so caught up in #thatthing, I looked past several character flaws (as well as physical) for an extended period of time.

I have to ask myself why. Is it the thrill of chase? Spending nights under the covers talking about nothing? Your partner is so “perfect” that just to hear their breath is the most tranquil feeling in the world (and completely trumps a quick nut from a jump-off.) Her sex is so good I look past the fact that she has no job, no car, no ambition, and no drive. Or ladies — maybe he f*%cks so good that you forget that he has six children and he’s only 25. The most proud can be publicly foolish. The shy guy can transform into the most outspoken. The moment your heart and hormones start to fight for control of your brain, you’re probably caught up in #thatthing.

My pursuit of #thatthing is a difficult one. I like to consider myself an unrecognizable famous person, meaning I can still do the things most 25-year-old employed black men can do, without too much attention. But at the same time, a lot of these women know who I am, (albeit never heard a song. LOL.) This is where the pessimism starts to creep in. And the paranoia that guides my judgment when exchanging numbers. Why does she want to talk to me? How long till she tells me she’s a model? I met Jay-Z in ‘99 he said he was gonna sign me. Can you ask him if we’re still good? Situations like this make the pursuit of #thatthing just as hard as shaking it off once acquired.

Well... he speaking knowledge right!?

After Shock of Quake Rocks Haiti

A week after the massive Earthquake that rocked Haiti, another 5.9 aftershock hit. This is unreal. Please continue to pray and donate to or any other credible organizations. You can also send food/clothing if you'd prefer or can. Dont forget about them BabyKayKs, if you read here on a daily, I wont let you anyway! TNT Bks

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

KayKi's Closet

OK, so in response to the recent Ask KayKi, Im gonna go ahead and start posting some more affordable selections! These are pretty fly and very affordable. They originally go for 100 bucks but are on sale right now for about 60- click the pic to get em :)

Wyclef Tearfully Responds to Attacks Against Yele

Yele, Wyclef's organization recently came under unfounded scrutiny and Wyclef responds to those accusations in this video.

Please watch this video, and continue to pray & donate..they still need help! Keep in mind that Wyclef and his organization have BEEN helping Haiti, way before this occured. He has a proven track record of being there in Haiti feeding, clothing, and educating his people way before this crisis.You can access the site to donate online by clicking the yellow & black box to your right or follow the instructions on it to donate via your phone. People will find wrong in any and everything you do! Dont let that stop you from doing good for people! TNT BabyKayKs

Ask KayKi

Hey! I sent another ask KayKi a while ago, but you havent posted it. I sent it about SB. Did you get it? Now I have another question, lol. I love your blog and one of my favorite sections is KayKi's Closet. I love the section but cant afford any of that stuff! Can you post stuff that us regular people can afford lol?! Thank you soooo much for your blog. I let my lil sister read it, she's 13 and Id hate to think of her reading those other blogs!

Dear BabyKayK,

I love that your lil sister can read my blog. I try to keep it light around here. Ok, you have quite a few things that I need to address. About your Ask Kayki about SB... Im working on it!!! I promise!!!! I am actually in touch with him now regarding an interview. You are 1 of 2 people that have inquired about him, lol...and I promise asap I will have your interview posted! SB has been really busy lately with Nicki, so he's gonna get back with me when he can, but its definitely coming!! Also I have a few Ask KayKis that I havent answered. Some of which because I personally reply to them, or because Im still trying to get good enough answers for you all. Sorry for the delay! Dont worry, if I will not post it I will let you know!! If you havent heard from me, that means Im still working on it :)

Now about the KayKi's Closet! Girl, thats a great idea! I will definitely find more reasonably priced things to post for us regular people (including me!! :) ) I just post what I think is hot for inspiration or whatever. I'll be sure to find something super hot and generally affordable and mix it in with the regular posts!! Great idea, sorry about that! muah!


Rapper Wacka Flocka Shot Today in Atlanta

Wacka Flocka

Gucci's artist & rapper most famous for his hit, "Oh Let Do It" was shot today in Atlanta. Details have not been released, but Wacka is the Godfather of my baby cousin, and I can confirm that he is ok! All of this violence is just so ridiculous. I hope Wacka fully recovers from his injuries! I'll be sure to update if necessary! TNT BabyKayKs

Monday, January 18, 2010

Music That Moves Me

Nivea and Rasheeda

Hey BabyKayKs. Im gonna let this selection speak for itself!
I am so glad to hear Nivea on something new. She still has those sweet sweet vocals. I hear she's working on an album & you know Ill keep you up to date w/ that! Niv came to a show I was in a few weeks ago & again she was soo cool and showed me so much love, welcomed me into her VIP and all(see A Glam Rock Soul Christmas in archive)- so Ill be sure to show her love whenever that project drops! Our girl Rasheeda who again has shown this blog mad love always holds us down! Its def hot & radio worthy like now. S/O to Niv & Rasheeda yall did that ladies! They have collaborated many times before- but this joint right herrre lol is def def hot.
"..Wish I could pull you out the game, cus the fame done made you change.." Niv @1randywatson on twitter

"..I been grinding so long, tryna reach the top of Mt. I Want It All.." Rasheeda @RasheedaGaPeach on twitter

Rasheeda & Nivea Cover Timbaland & Drake's "Say Somethin"

Friday, January 15, 2010

Dont Forget to Donate!

Wyclef Speaks from Haiti. Please watch this video straight from the streets of Haiti! Shout out to his beautiful wife Marie who is there beside him. Take note fellas... its not all about the physical (though I think she's beautiful) you need a woman who will be with you when you need her the most, not only when its comfy! He's not there alone, lets not forget about her! Click over there under the Ask KayKi Section to donate to Wyclef's relief fund!! Or text YELE to 501501to donate 5 bucks.-------->

KayKi's Closet

If anybody knows what shoe line this is...please share- my niece Madyson saved these to my bro's iphone and we have no clue where she found them. She loves shoes like her Tia :) Just gorgeous!


Tell The Truth


Have you ever watched a movie where someone was being harmed and you wanted revenge for them because you felt their disparity. Then some kind of way the bad guy is caught and you feel a sense of overwhelming peace -even though the movie isnt real? Well, I just had a real life moment like that. I, honestly I cant form my words very well right now because Im so overwhelmed with these videos. Let me try to speak my piece in a concise way-the videos speak for themselves. Dont forget to donate to Click the link on the right panel of this blog to go straight to the donation page!

Excuse the title, its just a random one that was sent to me.

Ok, Mr. Pat Robertson. Here is an example of where a leader needs to know when to shut up! I dont care if God in the flesh came down with an army of angels and revealed to you that Haiti made a deal with the devil. This time, right now; while their babies are dying, friends/fam helplessly buried under mounds of concrete and years & years of poverty and ignorance on our part prior to this- is NOT the time to say such a thing. Are you kidding me? You are a man of God, but you feel it ok to say that these people are suffering right now because they have sold their souls to the devil? What part of that makes sense? IF you want to talk about people being full of hell...lets talk about the fact that Haiti has for as long as I can remember been a place on the brink of destruction because WE fail to acknowledge the value of the lives over there. Lets talk about how America is made up of a gazillion Christians, and churches but the most we do is send a mission trip or two over once a year while these people barely have food/shelter.

Lets talk about the fact that very little pressure is put on the Government by tax paying citizens like yourself (I hope) until something like this happens. You sir have to be a better steward of your position. When you hold the opinions of many in your hands/ must cherish that. What you say can encourage/discourage people to action. While you're talking about people shaking hands w/Satan somebody's child, mother, father, sibling, grandmother, pastor(Oh prob dont think they have those) is laying under a building praying to our God for help. I would think you of all people would be sending one up too instead of taking on the role of God and saying who's damned and who isnt.

Limbaugh... I dont like talking about fools and he's shown me over the years that he is I'll use the next few words to say how I feel about him. Limbaugh has built an empire off of hate! He gets off on being evil and spreading hatred. Someone who is consumed with bashing, I mean this is his job- has no life. He has no sense of what it means to be a human being, to love people, to build each other up instead of always ALWAYS tearing someone down.

Unfortunately you've bitten yourself in the ass this time. Your whole point is about how America is in need too and how Obama should be helping America, as if these arent people in Haiti too. No life, yours, mine is more valuable than another. To say that he came out within 24 hrs. to respond to the natural disaster that was the Haiti Earthquake totally negates your whole argument. If he ran to save a life in Haiti- it means he values life- but you are mad because we are struggling as a whole a little bit here in America. Life is life. How dare you down play what has happened in Haiti as if it equates in anyway (or has ever equated) to our little economic downturn????? Really? No, really?

Ok, BabyKayKs watch this one! This guy, Mr. Keith Olbermann speaks all of my frustration and Im glad. I think he addressed this situation very well!

Ok, I have no more to say- well I do, but I said I'd try to keep it short for yall sake so here my Please watch all three videos from start to finish! TNT BabyKayKs...walk in love.



This day in 1929, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was born. Now, I really dont have to go into detail about all that he was/is to this country and countries around the world. The fight for freedom on any level is a fight for freedom everywhere! IF you dont know who he is for some strange reason, use this day to research how his life changed yours. If you do know who he is, do the same! Familiarize yourself with his work. I think we often take it for granted just how much work he did for us.

We live everyday free to walk in and out of public places, free to vote, use public rest rooms when just a short while ago our parents/grandparents couldnt enjoy such things. So, please take this day, his birthday to really consider all of the repercussions of his life. I thank God for him, and his life, for losing his life for the cause of people he'll never know. We should never forget. Monday is the national holiday in his honor. Use it to help is a day of service!TNT BabyKayKs

Music That Moves Me

Have you all enjoyed the MTMM section this week. I said at the beginning of the week that I would strictly feature all inspirational music, and thats what I've done. I listen to lots of music and I'll be sure to make sure that this section reflects that. Today's selection needs no introduction. Its Kirk Franklin, everybody knows him! lol. I love this song, lyrically and musically. It goes from contemporary to straight church at the end. Enjoy BabyKayKs.

Kirk Franklin "Hero"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Whats Hanneninnnnn: Events in Atlanta

Come support us :)
Click to follow Victor on twitter!

New Segment BabyKayks..I'll inform you all of events (that I am & am not a part of) just in case you're looking for something to do in Atlanta. This particular event I am a part of and you DONT want to miss this. Another GlamRockSoul production (See archive A GlamRockSoul Christmas!). Victor's shows are always hot! Please believe he and Kittys Litter blew me away in rehearsal last night so this is an event you want to be at! Plus Uptown Lounge is a nice chill, adult spot with great food and drinks! Hope to see you& if you come make sure you find me and say hi! :)TNT BabyKayKs

Music That Moves Me

Ok, some of my BabyKayKs may be surprised by this selection. Remember I said at the top of the week that all of this weeks posts will be inspirational/Christian Music...and I keep telling yall I listen to EVERYthing! LOL. This is one of my faves by Casting Crowns, and quite relevant right now I feel. With all going on in the world- we cant sit around as if people dont need our help. If you say you're a Christian, you should be DOING something to help! Listen to the lyrics even if this isnt your type of music :) Enjoy BabyKayKs. xox

Casting Crowns, "If We Are the Body"

Tell The Truth

Well, we've heard what everybody else has to say-lets hear it straight from Jay's mouth- thats only fair right? Is he or isnt he a part of some cult? LOL! Jay was on his good friend Angie Martinez's show and used the time to speak his peace. For all who care- here's his answer.TNT BabyKayKs

Rest In Love: Teddy Pendergrass


I may be young, but I come from a very musical family. I am blessed to have grown up hearing all of the dusties/motown hits ever made. My parents to this day still have Records/45s and they still play them. I can remember hearing, "Turn out the lights..." or "Looks like another love TKO.." any given summer blazing at my Grandma's house in Chicago. I will never forget those sweet memories and Im indebted to Teddy P. for being a part of making them. We have definitely lost one of our greats! The wonderful thing about music though is that it lives on!!!!

Teddy P. passed away yesterday at the age of 59. Our prayers are with his family, friends, and fans! He will be greatly missed!