Monday, December 13, 2010

When the law is Irrelevant

The other day I read an article  by a dear friend of mine, Attorney Kwabena Appenteng who writes a column for the Chicago Lawyer Magazine. Kwabena, an attorney with Greene & Letts, writes articles that challenge our concept of the law & how it effects us. I know most of you dont like to read, so I'll keep my portion of this post to a condensed minimum so that you will fully read his article.

I think most of us Americans walk around knowing that immigration is a huge issue in our country. Whether we know someone personally who is an immigrant or not is what sort of shapes, for many, if it is a cause they care to even acknowledge. Our government on the other hand, should never have the opportunity to choose whether or not they wish to acknowledge & approach such a major issue that directly effects our every day lives.

With that said, unfortunately, outside of the DREAM Act and some small gestures in various states, one of the biggest issues of this present America is being handled with antiquated law. Here's Kwabena's take on the issue..enjoy:

As I recently arrived back in the United States from a brief trip to visit somefamily friends overseas, I was welcomed by the unfriendly face of a stout, beady-eyed immigration officer. Although, concededly, my jet-lagged demeanor did not convey a look of "pleased to meet you, sir," I still found myself taken aback by my welcome party's intimidating glare.

After sternly ordering me to show him my passport and curtly asking me dozens of tedious, at times asinine, questions, the officer directed me to proceed to another booth. As I began to walk away from the officer, however, I mustered the courage to turn the tables and ask him a question. "Officer, where are you from?" After shooting me a dirty look, he responded: "Mexico." for full article.

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