Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Chilli Wants Season 2 Sneak Peek!

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Wow.. first off, can we talk about how great both Chilli & Tionna look this season as opposed to last? I mean, kudos to these ladies. This season sneak peek looks like its going to be really good! It also looks like  she has upgraded her options! Honey yall know Im on my white guy thing right now heehee.. and welp.. they are gorgeous!!!! Im wondering whats gonna go on with Chilli & Floyd!?

Its also good to see that Tionna and Chilli are working together and it seems to be cool. I know yall are like, wait didnt you have beef with Tionna?? Umm.. Kayki doesnt beef especially not over twitter. Tionna took something I said to somebody else the wrong way without reading the full point and tried to go in on me lol. Thats that. I personally dont have anything against her. Thats not how I live my life. So no.. no beef here.  Anywho, I wish her and Chilli the best this season! Show starts January 2 9:30/830 C! Be sure to watch :)


  1. i didnt watch last season but this looks good. i saw that whole thing go down kayki i dont know what tionna was on but u didnt go at her. shell be aiight

  2. Chilli wants Usher! She's the only woman that I'll let have him Lol