Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toya Carter Signs Pub Deal, Says "Priceless Inspiration" Coming Soon

Reginae (daughter) & Toya
I have LOADS of Toya Carter fans who read this blog, and I know you all have been anticipating what she'll do next. This year has been a great one for her both personally and professionally. With the opening of The Garb Boutique in her home town of New Orleans, to her engagement to "Sexiface" Memphitz, and now the icing on the cake! Toya's memoir, "Priceless Inspiration" has been in the works since season 1 of Tiny & Toya, and it is highly anticipated! Why? Well, Toya happens to have had  a life that many both can relate to and others even think they dream of having.

Today she announced via twitter that she's finally signed a pub deal for her book with Farrah Gray Publishing! Furthermore, she insists that presales will start as early as next week! Get it! Now, dont get it twisted, people are thinking that this will be a tell all book about Toya's ex husband and the father of her daughter, Lil Wayne, but Toya insists that this is not the case. According to her, it is more so a book that speaks to young women about the trials of life and how she overcame her own. I am hearing for you Wayne fans though that someone special wrote the Foreword... :) Congrats Toya!


  1. LAME LAME.....SHe just tryna get somewhere off LIL WAYNE

  2. How is she trying to come up off Lil Wayne! She's already Up! Im proud of her and she is rocking it well! Keep it up Toya God bless you chic!

  3. Just because she is associated with Wayne doesnt mean he defines her. Thanks for sharing guys :)