Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Moments of 2010

What a year!?? Can you believe its over? I cant! This year is crazy! So many world events, so many things happened in entertainment, so much happened in my life, SOOO much was blogged! I mean, I went from seriously debating quitting this blog to being on MTV with it! Its just been a lot! That being said, Ive decided to share some of the most inspiring, or fun to blog stories I posted this year. So, here are my top 10 Moments of 2010 in the world of! reaches 10,000 hits and I think.. hmm.. maybe people do read this thing.

Musical History was made when the lovely Lauryn Hill in light of her come back (seemingly??) invited the likes of Jay Z, Beyonce, Mary J, & A Keys on stage with her!

It took people a while to allow Breezy to even be played on the radio again. I was TOO excited to see him finally pay tribute to MJ like ONLY he as a performer can do, my humble opinion. I was proud of BET.

Talk about LIVID.. I remember being SO angry writing this! Natalee Holloway suspect struck again, when he shouldve been behind bars!

Another case of the public court gone bananas! Kanye awakened an anti Kanye tribe when he interrupted Taylor Swift last year. Well, when he joined twitter & got a million followers in like a day the world realized that not everybody hated Kanye..and even if they hated him they were interested. My #6 pick was his longest twitter rant ever- ending in another apology to Taylor.
I had a full circle moment when I interviewed my childhood crush and the band I used to be the #1 fan of... DRU HILL!
OK.. so one day I got fired & then MTV offered me a job a few hours later.. well sorta. Im sure you all just KNEW this would be my #1, & it was absolutely one of the most impactful days of my life so far! The MTV TJ competition was amazing! I mean.. my photo was up in Times Square!  Yikes!
When I posted this I was in awe! I mean... the story is just beautiful..the lesson behind it is even more amazing! I'll never ever forget this post. I probably think about it more than any other post Ive ever done.
Nothing was more devastating, sad, and inspiring all in one as the massive natural disasters of 2010! We watched as our world came together like Ive never seen before! I must admit, the Haiti earthquake was the saddest thing Id witnessed, but it also was the most beautiful effort of mankind that Id witnessed as well. It taught us all to pay attention to each other. Showed us just how strong love and compassion really is. I have to give the number one spot to the earthquakes that rocked Haiti!

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