Monday, December 20, 2010

Time for my Christmas Music faves!!! Dear Lalah Hathaway...

At about 2:03.. our lives are being handed to us in the most inconspicuous way. We dont even know its happening till its over, thanks. You have some serious explaining to do to the rest of us. I mean, sometimes I feel like God is giving her singing lessons or something at a time undisclosed to the rest of us lol..

Nothing like hearing this for the first time with my family  a few years back and all of us (singers/musicians) sitting in the room in complete silence with confused faces *que my mom* "THAT girl sounds just LIKE her daddy" we all sit there still trying to figure out what just happened. lol..Please just listen to the depth and phrasing! Seriously.. she laid all over this record. Just listen and then go buy the whole "A Timeless Christmas" album by Israel & New Breed because it really is a classic! Oh & youre welcome! 

Oh! & As much as you'll want to keep rewinding her verse... dont miss her improv at the end. I say listen with headphones if you can. You dont wanna miss anything thats about to happen.


  1. just stopped mid song to comment, i'm going to itunes NOW lol thnx kayki

  2. NISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG you know me soooo well! This song is tight! I've never heard it! Love it! Thanks for the share!