Friday, December 17, 2010

Q Parker of 112 Covers 112 Classic "Cupid" & Fitness Calendar!

Shout out to my bff Shanika who, since I can remember has always been a huge Q fan. Im sure she'll enjoy this calendar ( side eye ).  Whats funny is, while I used to just be like, "ok ok sheesh".. now that Q & his family are like family to me.. its kinda weird! lol.. anywho, Im def supporting this calendar..will make for a great part of a Christmas gift for her. Q is definitely into health and fitness, so this is a no brainer. Click the above pic to purchase yours! 

Now, I guess Im kinda late on this  Cupid cover... I didnt know about it till this week!!  If you are a 112 fan at all, you'll prob know that Q's voice is so sweet..and thats probably the reason his vocals are all over all of 112's songs! He blazed this as he does everything! Love it bro.. and umm.. can you let your lil sis know when you release stuff like this?! Thanks. (side eye to you too!) lol  sho love ya

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