Friday, December 10, 2010

New Music: Syleena Johnson- My Shoes

How many of you all were Syleena Johnson fans? Yall remember the song, "Wanna wear the pants..Guess gotta be a man.. sho' nuff.." lol yeesss that was the jam! Im about to see who the real fans are though. My fave Syleena Johnson song that I played OUT is, "Im Gon Cry gon cry gon cry gon cry for you.. but I wont try wont try wont try wont tryyy for you.." you have to have the album to know that one lol. Those are some of the songs that stick out when I think Syleena Johnson. Loved that whole Chapter 2 album. You also may know her voice from Kanye's All Falls Down. Her voice is just rich!

Well Syleena recently leaked a record for her fans on twitter that I was excited about being that I really dig her work. Its good that she did as well, just to let us know that she's still putting work out. She has one of those classic voices, like you know its her and you know years from now its gonna sound even better.  Check out this record, My Shoes below. She's bringing the feeling we're used to.

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