Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Music: PJ Morton -Independently Major Mixtape

PJ is back with some great music to hold us fans over till the "real" stuff comes out! Well if you know PJ you know that anything that he touches is "real stuff" and super good music! He released this mixtape, Independently Major today. If you know PJ you also know that he's made major moves as an independent artist. Id venture to say he's one of the most successful independent artists out there.

PJ is the son of Bishop Paul Morton for those of you a little slow :) I'll also venture to say this..if you love real live music, you MUST absolutely MUST see PJ live someday. He is currently on tour with Maroon 5, which makes perfect sense being a fan of both. You should definitely check that out if you can!

Im loving the mixtape. Check out this song "3rd Degree" from the mixtape. Also excited that the mixtape features one of my ALL time favorite voices and spirits Chantae Cann- someone else you MUST experience live!

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