Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Album: Kandi- Kandi Koated

Wow..this is a great day for music. Last night I had the honor of attending Kandi & Tank's show here in Atlanta followed by a party to celebrate the release of their albums. The show was great! Kandi, though I could tell she was a little hoarse delivered!!! Her singers were tight (s/o to Victor!), she looked great, and definitely worked the crowd. The theme tonight was BUY THE ALBUM! 

I promise if anyone came in there debating whether or not they were gonna rock with Kandi's album, they shouldve left convinced. The most convincing moment for me was definitely when she and her background singers hit the acapella version of "Love Right", a tune she said was written with her late ex AJ in mind. I loved it.. I mean.. clean loved it! Kandi's last set with Fly Above led her to tears as she explained to us that anything is possible & that people didnt expect her to be where she is! Very heartfelt & overall great performace!

The album release party was packed with the likes of the entire Real Housewives of Atlanta crew (including Lawrence & Lisa), Rasheeda, Photographer Robert Ector (who shot the album cover), Mr. Lark,editor of Kontrol Magazine, Derek J, and on and on! Below are a few pics from the event and show! Get the album BabyKayKs!!

Pics courtesy of Kontrol Mag

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