Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Album: Dirty Money- Last Train to Paris

Whew! Its about time huh?!? This album feels like its been in the makings for forever! Im not sure exactly when production started, but I just feel like its taken a while to get on shelves. Well, rest your weary hearts because Dirty Money's highly anticipated (& promoted->DIDDY! lol) album is here!!!!!!!! Dirty Money has not only come along and just shut airwaves down in the last year, but they also have introduced the listener to a whole other kinda music, as well as a coined phrase that we'll all be hearing in our heads for the rest of our lives, "Its that Dirty Money".

Records like, "Loving You No More" which gives me my life every time I hear it, and "Love Come Down" which was really our first introduction to the music are just peeks into what is really a piece of art. This album is insane!!!! Kalenna and Dawn's voices are like butta.. their tones, the riffs, the lyrics & themes all make for a brilliant abum. Congrats to them on this release and lets look forward to Diddy's next reason to promote.. you know its coming soon! lol 

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