Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mystery Man Donates Close to $700,000 & Brings A.Keys & crew Back to Life

Well, youre probably like who the heck is he? Umm... all I know is he's really rich. He is Owner of the worlds largest private pharmaceutical distributor, and obviously very generous. He was mentioned in Forbes top 400 Richest Americans and is popular amongst the entertainment world. Stewart Rahr or Stewy Rah Rah as people affectionately call him is responsible for all of your favorite celebs being  brought back to digital life.

At least those who took it serious enough. Your boy Usher tweeted a couple of times during the campaign, but hey..he's on tour and I guess he felt it necessary. Mr. Rahr's generous gift helped Keep A Child Alive reach its $1 Million goal today. Just yesterday the campaign had only met about $350,000 of that goal. Sweet of him.

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