Monday, December 27, 2010

Ms. Teena Marie Passes Away at 54

My heart dropped into my stomach when my sister read a tweet aloud that Ms. Teena Marie (Mary Christine Brockert) had passed away at 54 yrs. old. Most of you probably know her most from her Fire & Desire duet with the late Rick James. Beyond that, she is an accomplished singer/songwriter who's talents are well respected among her peers. According to most recent reports, she died of natural causes in her sleep. She was found in her home Sunday by her daugher Alia Rose (who turned 19 on Christmas Day) according to Ms. Teena's last tweets, which I found rather read, "..and may I never die..":

Not only did Ms. Teena leave a legacy with her music, but she will also be remembered by the law that exists in her name. In the early 80s.. her battle to get out of her Motown contract ended in The Brockert Law-which makes it illegal for a label to keep an artist signed under contract with out releasing new material by the artist. I knew nothing about that, but I think its a great addition to an amazing legacy! Her daughter is also following in her mom's foot steps, so Ms. Teena's legacy definitely lives on!  My prayers go out for her daughter and the rest of her fam & friends. Here is a rare video of Ms. Teena & her daughter Alia Rose (Rose LeBeau) together singing on stage. May she RIL.

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