Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ex Paramore Member goes in on Hayley-This Isnt Looking Good

So as I blogged earlier this week, the pop rock group Paramore has had some membership changes. Now, according to the exited members, those reports given by lead singer Hayley werent all the way true! According to MTVNews,  lead guitarist Josh Farro (above w/ Hayley)  hit the blogs himself to do what appears to be a little Hayley bashing.

Farro initially apologized for their fans having to get the news of he & brother Zac's leaving via the blog that Hayley put out. He claims they did not clear any statements with him. He wanted to be able to tell the fans of their exit in his own way, but Hayley beat them to the punch. From the read of things, management and label have been running Paramore as a one woman show from the door and the Farro boys are over it...again..this sucks. I hope the best comes out of it for all involved. Click here for full post.

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