Thursday, December 23, 2010

dream hampton Interview on the process of Decoded & Jay Z

When I heard this interview was available I had to go get into dream's head about the whole process of writing Decoded. Ive been following her on twitter and read a couple of her works. As a Psych major/ writer of lyrics myself, Im engaged by brilliant minds who can transpose that brilliance into simple- teachable words. Which, I think is one of the reasons I slide towards Jay a bit, because I like his mind, or what he's shown us of it.

Same here for dream. Everything from her work that Ive read and now this interview- it all just points towards a certain sagacity that is enticing at surface. Dig a little deeper and youre actually learning something. The allure. So, I wont keep you all long..dream's segment of the interview is below but I think the whole show was informative. Especially for the readers of the world- check the full show it out here.

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