Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doctors have found the Cure for HIV!


Well.. so they think. I know most of you have been reading this headline spread all over twitter & such, but truth is, nothing has been concluded. As a Psychology major I was taught to never take anything at face value! I was perturbed that none of these people saying this had any link to a reputable source, or the study which suggested such a finding. So, I found it for my BabyKayKs..According to the medical Blood journal, this all stems from a stem cell transplant given to a man by the name of Timothy Ray Brown, or the "Berlin Patient" back in 2007 for leukemia. What his doctors are saying now is that as a result, and after extensive testing, they can suggest that the cure of HIV infection has occurred. This basically means that they have a lead in what could potentially be considered the cure for the disease plaguing our world, genetically engineered stem cells.

There are over 33 Million people living with HIV in this world (that we know of) so consider this breakthrough to be huge! With this being 1 case, it will take some time for the medical world to repeat this study again and again, and then make these stem cells available to infected individuals. Even still, it is a cause for celebration and gives a little hope to those who are effected by the disease. While the Republicans are fighting so hard against stem cell research, it may just be the one thing to cure the biggest epidemic we face on the globe. Get it together Reps. Thanks.

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