Friday, December 3, 2010

Decoded CoAuthor dream hampton's Black August Hip Hop Project Trailer & Such

Throwback Jay Z & dream hampton

Well its been a minute since I made yall read a lot.... here we 

 I got an email yesterday from a reader, a fairly new reader who I assume meant well, but was just ignorant to the site a bit. She sent a few links that I found out were sent to her, along with a little message about Decoded Co-Author dream hampton now being Illuminati. Now, I speak of this person as a "fairly new reader" because Im sure that any seasoned reader by now knows my stance on said matters and wouldnt even think to email me anything about it. Well, Im sorta glad I had the exchange because it prompted me to want to educate my readers on who dream hampton is.

In seeking out biographical and professional info on the mystery woman (who really isnt a mystery to most of us at all-we've all seen her face somewhere before) Ive decided to scratch the biographical post. I mean, Id like you to familiarize yourselves with dream hampton's life if its of interest to you, but what I want to familiarize you with is her work. The list is extensive. I, in the past hour or so have established a great respect for her work. What sticks out the most to me is that she is a woman and seemingly well respected by Hip Hop, enough that she's  been given many opportunities to speak on its behalf. 

She's worked with, written about, filmed, and is/was respected by the likes of  everyone from BIG, Pac, Jay Z, & Q Tip, to Vibe Magazine. I mean, if thats not respect from the Hip Hop community I dont know what is!  I also respect her work because she doesnt come off as seeking celebrity at all. I can so appreciate that in the day of everybody is a celeb and wants everybody else to know they are. There are so many famous people who are famous because they are famous..and really no other reason. I honestly prefer to call someone a celeb who doesnt have to say it, but who has work and talent that makes them that by default.

Most recently the success of Decoded has introduced her to another audience of young Jay Z fans. Fans just interested in who he trusted enough to not only collab on Decoded; but his unreleased infamous, Black Book as well. Ive watched her take her time and answer their questions. They want to know her angle on Decoded's success, or Jay, or whatever. She obliges. She's a great follow on twitter. She obviously has had her hands in a lot and therefore there are lots of questions. Its cool, she's womaning (yea..not a word in your world) it well if you ask me.

What I want to post today is without introduction, the trailer for the Black August Hip Hop Project. I just want you to watch it. Its pretty self explanatory. Pretty explosive. Pretty epic..but it aint pretty at all. dream hampton directed the film that chronicles the collaboration of Hip Hop, the annual Black August concert and the Malcom X Grassroots Movement, and features everyone from Mutulu Shakur (TuPac's Stepfather & political prisoner) to Talib Kweli, Common & others! I dig it. I had a couple of wow moments while watching it..Check it out below.

P.S. She took to her twitter account to deny Illuminati rumors if that helps some of you skeptics. I think it hilarity that anyone associated with Jay is coined such. If you see her joking about it on twitter- the woman has a sense of humor; most necessary in the line of work she is in. Also lesson learned for me; before you send someone an article- read it in its entirety. The email I got said the article claimed she was, but I read it and it never said she was Illuminati, just associated with Jay (who theyve decided is one as well ?????) Anywho #EndCall

Black August Hip-Hop Project Trailer from dream hampton on Vimeo.


  1. Live by the Sword. Die by the Sword. Nothing new in this tale of "Black August" and nothing new under the sun, son. There was a war. The Panthers lost. Ms. Hampton likes to say she's "low firing" but she would do well to change her lingo and her affiliates or suffer the consequences of defeat as well. End. Of. Story.