Friday, December 3, 2010

Cleveland, Can Lebron Get a WITNESS?


Lebron's return to Cleveland after his decision to go to Miami this past summer was highly anticipated! Cleveland fans wanted an opportunity to show him how huge of a mistake he'd made by leaving. Considering how the Heat have been playing this season, some may have thought that Cleveland would get their opportunity tonight. Well, not so much.

Amidst the booing and slurs yelled ( I literally watched a lady call him an A hole while at the free throw line! lol) Lebron had an exceptional game. I mean he was clean on fire! He usually speaks to press pre game.. he didnt do so today. He sorta walked in with the headphones on his head as you see above, tuning out anything else. Some thought him wrong for it, but I dont. It was obvious from that moment that he came to play the game his way.

Clearly he missed their memo because dude came in smashing! He scored a season high of 38 points! He had a few plays in there that made my night! The Cleveland fans werent too happy. Some of their shirts read, "Quitness" in response to his "Witness" campaign, and one read, "Lebron rode South while his mom rode West" I mean.. these people were out for blood tonight.. but to what avail? The final score spoke volumes 118-90 Heat. Its not helpful to send negative energy anybody's way. I think they meant to break him down by booing but instead they built him up. They gave him something to prove.

He did speak to reporters post game saying that he has love for Cleveland fans and thanks them for 7 years of commitment but understands that its about business as well. I do think the Cleveland fans have every right to be upset about the way things went down but at the same time, dont be spiteful and bitter... move on. Send your team all of the positive energy you can, especially when you want them to win. Congrats to Lebron and he whole Heat team...great game!

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