Wednesday, December 8, 2010

10 Reasons Everybody Should Buy Jazmine Sullivan's New Album


Sitting here enjoying my iTunes and this Jazmine Sullivan record comes on. It dawned on me ..." I wonder how many people actually purchased her album." I didnt bother to research it, but what I do want to do is tell my BabyKayKs that youre missing out if you havent. Here are my top 10 reasons why this is an album you need in your arsenal.

1. Production. Its sick. She has an array of music on here. One joint is even reminiscent of a throwback Prince record..

2. Vocals. This is no surprise..she's been singing like this since she was a kid-literally. Its still not to be taken lightly considering the state of the "singer" today.

3. Growth. Its definitely in the Jazmine Sullivan way..but its also definitely obvious that she's grown since the last project.

4. Lyricism. There are some great concepts on here, and I was intrigued by the simple ideas that have been made into beautiful songs. Dont over think it. Sometimes, less is more.

5. Relativity. This album is extremely easy to relate to. No matter what phase of a relationship youre in, you can find  a "jam" on this record. Life is about the twists and turns.. she's addressing the chaos  & calm.

6. Feel. It really does just feel good. Makes me think of Chi summers..when all you heard was great music blasting from somebody's uncle's record player.

7. Passion. Some things can only be explained by the fact that you know with out a doubt that this chick is doing what she was born to do. The heart in every word and melody is obvious. She is singing every word like she means it.

8. Fierceness. Honey the cover.. yes and work. love it.

9. Support. If you consider yourself a lover of good music, then you should support it. Period. These artists are out here trying to live just like you are. Buy the album.

10. Classic. No, really..while your dinky pop artists will  fade away in a year or two, Jazmine produces music that has the potential to be around for our children to consider "classics". Sorta like my mom's Motown stash. We dont have much of that in this era of rap & pitch tools. With Jazmine, we can actually contribute something longlasting and exceptional to the legacy of good music. I'll be proud to play Jazmine to my daughters and say.. now THIS is real music. How many other artists out today can you honestly say you'll be able to do that with?? Exactly.

Thats that.. make sure yall get her album. Heres one of my faves from it!

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  1. i love her album. yes kayki eveybody shld have it