Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 Moments of 2010

What a year!?? Can you believe its over? I cant! This year is crazy! So many world events, so many things happened in entertainment, so much happened in my life, SOOO much was blogged! I mean, I went from seriously debating quitting this blog to being on MTV with it! Its just been a lot! That being said, Ive decided to share some of the most inspiring, or fun to blog stories I posted this year. So, here are my top 10 Moments of 2010 in the world of! reaches 10,000 hits and I think.. hmm.. maybe people do read this thing.

Musical History was made when the lovely Lauryn Hill in light of her come back (seemingly??) invited the likes of Jay Z, Beyonce, Mary J, & A Keys on stage with her!

It took people a while to allow Breezy to even be played on the radio again. I was TOO excited to see him finally pay tribute to MJ like ONLY he as a performer can do, my humble opinion. I was proud of BET.

Talk about LIVID.. I remember being SO angry writing this! Natalee Holloway suspect struck again, when he shouldve been behind bars!

Another case of the public court gone bananas! Kanye awakened an anti Kanye tribe when he interrupted Taylor Swift last year. Well, when he joined twitter & got a million followers in like a day the world realized that not everybody hated Kanye..and even if they hated him they were interested. My #6 pick was his longest twitter rant ever- ending in another apology to Taylor.
I had a full circle moment when I interviewed my childhood crush and the band I used to be the #1 fan of... DRU HILL!
OK.. so one day I got fired & then MTV offered me a job a few hours later.. well sorta. Im sure you all just KNEW this would be my #1, & it was absolutely one of the most impactful days of my life so far! The MTV TJ competition was amazing! I mean.. my photo was up in Times Square!  Yikes!
When I posted this I was in awe! I mean... the story is just beautiful..the lesson behind it is even more amazing! I'll never ever forget this post. I probably think about it more than any other post Ive ever done.
Nothing was more devastating, sad, and inspiring all in one as the massive natural disasters of 2010! We watched as our world came together like Ive never seen before! I must admit, the Haiti earthquake was the saddest thing Id witnessed, but it also was the most beautiful effort of mankind that Id witnessed as well. It taught us all to pay attention to each other. Showed us just how strong love and compassion really is. I have to give the number one spot to the earthquakes that rocked Haiti!

Burrrbery Binge continues

If anyone has a New Years resolution to buy KayKi a $8000 coat that she'd love forever and ever amen.. this is your opp! lol

Thursday, December 30, 2010

LAWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calling All Shoe Lovers....

Lord help... these shoes are hot! I mean.. they are a little crazy looking and you dont even know the half... they light up, but they are still quite funky!!! Hahahaa! Designer Anastasia Radevich brought this vision to life. Its insane. There are fiber optics that allow for the blue light illusion.

Now..I dont care too much for the light on the show, but I think the idea alone  is worth a post. Seriously though... Id rock em!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kennedy Center Honors

WOW the things comedians get away with saying!!!! LOL If you missed it, here is one of the most talked about moments..when Chris Rock, Barbara Walters,  John Travolta honor Oprah

"He didnt get her a job.. she got him one!" -Chris Rock on Oprah & President Obama

Throwback Brandy- Freedom & her new Tat!

Over the holiday, Brandy got a tattoo of Hindu diety Ganesh (remover of all obstacles) on her wrist. She twitpic'd pictures of herself and her tattoo artist. The above pic is the clearest look at the tat.

One of my fave unreleased tracks by my favorite vocalist, Brandy! I was having my regular #BrandyBinge last night and wondering how many of my BabyKayKs had heard this. I know a lot of you love Brandy as I do, so my next thought was to share.

Teen Mom Amber in Jail

Well.. sad to report that the violence displayed by MTV's Teen Mom, Amber Portwood has landed her behind bars. Amber has been charged with 2 counts of domestic battery & 1 count of neglect of a dependent according to People. Her bail was set at $5000. Of course she didnt stay long before she was out.

I hope this is her last trip to jail and that she can be able to be a great mom to little Leah!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Ms. Teena Marie Passes Away at 54

My heart dropped into my stomach when my sister read a tweet aloud that Ms. Teena Marie (Mary Christine Brockert) had passed away at 54 yrs. old. Most of you probably know her most from her Fire & Desire duet with the late Rick James. Beyond that, she is an accomplished singer/songwriter who's talents are well respected among her peers. According to most recent reports, she died of natural causes in her sleep. She was found in her home Sunday by her daugher Alia Rose (who turned 19 on Christmas Day) according to Ms. Teena's last tweets, which I found rather read, "..and may I never die..":

Not only did Ms. Teena leave a legacy with her music, but she will also be remembered by the law that exists in her name. In the early 80s.. her battle to get out of her Motown contract ended in The Brockert Law-which makes it illegal for a label to keep an artist signed under contract with out releasing new material by the artist. I knew nothing about that, but I think its a great addition to an amazing legacy! Her daughter is also following in her mom's foot steps, so Ms. Teena's legacy definitely lives on!  My prayers go out for her daughter and the rest of her fam & friends. Here is a rare video of Ms. Teena & her daughter Alia Rose (Rose LeBeau) together singing on stage. May she RIL.

The Mother of Trench Coats

Not sure why Im loving this Burberry collection soooo much but I really am. To the point where yall might just be seeing it on here for like the next few! Im digging it really! So..about this trench coat. Its classic and just fab to me. Sleek and not asking for much but giving you everything. I adore it! The Burberry Bonded Cotton, Leather Belt Trench is double breasted with a back rain shield. Its simply a spin on the classic trench and for a few Gs.. you can get one! lol

Celeb Christmas: Guess Who Got Me for Christmas?!?

Niiiice right!?!? Missy Elliot's mommy gave her this for Christmas...  I believe its a 2011 Ferrari 599 GTO (Yall know KayKi doesnt know cars... just Audis! hahaa) Anywho..its hot! Nice pick Mama Missy!

New Music: Tori Kelly -Only Girl, Acoustic Cover

BabyKayKs you all know Tori by now! Ive posted a few of her vids least one. I really dig her voice..Its all so effortless. Here she is doing Rihanna's "Only Girl" with just her guitar. I didnt even know she played. This girl is super talented & so young! I for one cant wait for an album to drop from this young lady. I didnt realize she was on Idol.. Im a fan of her acapella vids.. and now, this Rihanna cover!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Great Christmas Laugh!!!!!

Earlier in the week I blogged Silent Nocturne from Israel & New Breed's Christmas record a few years ago.  Here is another track from that cd.. its SO cute! This is Israel's son !!!!!! He's toooo cute & clearly already gifted with an ear for music & lyrics! Turn it up and smile a bit today!
When Im five!.. When Im five! I am the miracle guy & Im five!

Merry Christmas BabyKayKs!

I know Ive been lacking a bit this week with posts. This has been one of the busiest weeks Ive had in a long time! I hope you all will forgive me and love me anyway! LOL.. Enjoy this Ultimate Christmas Classic! Nat King Cole singing  A Christmas Song Live! Smooth smooth dude right?! 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

dream hampton Interview on the process of Decoded & Jay Z

When I heard this interview was available I had to go get into dream's head about the whole process of writing Decoded. Ive been following her on twitter and read a couple of her works. As a Psych major/ writer of lyrics myself, Im engaged by brilliant minds who can transpose that brilliance into simple- teachable words. Which, I think is one of the reasons I slide towards Jay a bit, because I like his mind, or what he's shown us of it.

Same here for dream. Everything from her work that Ive read and now this interview- it all just points towards a certain sagacity that is enticing at surface. Dig a little deeper and youre actually learning something. The allure. So, I wont keep you all long..dream's segment of the interview is below but I think the whole show was informative. Especially for the readers of the world- check the full show it out here.

Time for my Christmas Music faves!! Boyz II Men- Let it Snow

Yes... this song makes me think of Christmas time growing up! Boyz II Men were definitely one of a very few new school artists my mom would actually let be played with her Motown Christmas records! You can count on hearing them ALL in my household around this time of year! This is one that I think everyone should have!

Burberry Prorsum= My Latest Obsession


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ex Paramore Member goes in on Hayley-This Isnt Looking Good

So as I blogged earlier this week, the pop rock group Paramore has had some membership changes. Now, according to the exited members, those reports given by lead singer Hayley werent all the way true! According to MTVNews,  lead guitarist Josh Farro (above w/ Hayley)  hit the blogs himself to do what appears to be a little Hayley bashing.

Farro initially apologized for their fans having to get the news of he & brother Zac's leaving via the blog that Hayley put out. He claims they did not clear any statements with him. He wanted to be able to tell the fans of their exit in his own way, but Hayley beat them to the punch. From the read of things, management and label have been running Paramore as a one woman show from the door and the Farro boys are over it...again..this sucks. I hope the best comes out of it for all involved. Click here for full post.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Time for my Christmas Music faves!!! Dear Lalah Hathaway...

At about 2:03.. our lives are being handed to us in the most inconspicuous way. We dont even know its happening till its over, thanks. You have some serious explaining to do to the rest of us. I mean, sometimes I feel like God is giving her singing lessons or something at a time undisclosed to the rest of us lol..

Nothing like hearing this for the first time with my family  a few years back and all of us (singers/musicians) sitting in the room in complete silence with confused faces *que my mom* "THAT girl sounds just LIKE her daddy" we all sit there still trying to figure out what just happened. lol..Please just listen to the depth and phrasing! Seriously.. she laid all over this record. Just listen and then go buy the whole "A Timeless Christmas" album by Israel & New Breed because it really is a classic! Oh & youre welcome! 

Oh! & As much as you'll want to keep rewinding her verse... dont miss her improv at the end. I say listen with headphones if you can. You dont wanna miss anything thats about to happen.

Steve Madden Glitter Pumps

Its the holiday season & these shoes are perfect for that! This Steve Madden Glitter Pump wont break your pockets too much either. For about $100 you can grab these in time for your holiday festivities! 

Haley Williams Announces Paramore Split.. Sorta


Front chic Haley of Paramore announced that two of the original members will be leaving the group. Drummer & Lead Guitarist, brothers, Josh & Zac have decided that it is time to end their time with the band they helped start. Haley hit her blog to let fans know that this wasnt a surprise to the remaining members and that the three of them plan to continue on with the next chapter of their careers.

Haley commented that the success of the band has definitely come with its struggles. So, kinda sad, but at least we can look forward to more music from them. I mean I love Paramore! Stuff like this happens all of the time. The spotlight is definitely not all its cracked up to be. I wish them well.

New Video: Kandi-Havent Loved Right

So remember the other day I told you all I went to that Kandi/Tank show here in ATL & Kandi did an acapella number with her bgvs that I loved?! Well Kandi just released it as her latest single from album Kandi Koated. The song, Havent Loved a heartfelt ballad that you can really hear Kandi's soul on. This is also my favorite record on the album. Mainly because in some minute way, I can relate. If you know anything about losing someone you love.. Im sure you can too. Check the video below.

Kandi dedicates this song to the memory of her late fiance'  AJ.

Friday, December 17, 2010

New Music: Adele- Someone Like You Live

So, I go on FB today and fellow MTV TJ finalist ( & one of my faves.. yes I had my picks too! :) ) John Thrasher or JThrizzle as I affectionately call him, had shared this video. I love Adele, and I know how superb my fellow MTV TJ candidates' tastes in music are, so I watched & I loved! So of course whats good for me is good for you! Enjoy!

Q Parker of 112 Covers 112 Classic "Cupid" & Fitness Calendar!

Shout out to my bff Shanika who, since I can remember has always been a huge Q fan. Im sure she'll enjoy this calendar ( side eye ).  Whats funny is, while I used to just be like, "ok ok sheesh".. now that Q & his family are like family to me.. its kinda weird! lol.. anywho, Im def supporting this calendar..will make for a great part of a Christmas gift for her. Q is definitely into health and fitness, so this is a no brainer. Click the above pic to purchase yours! 

Now, I guess Im kinda late on this  Cupid cover... I didnt know about it till this week!!  If you are a 112 fan at all, you'll prob know that Q's voice is so sweet..and thats probably the reason his vocals are all over all of 112's songs! He blazed this as he does everything! Love it bro.. and umm.. can you let your lil sis know when you release stuff like this?! Thanks. (side eye to you too!) lol  sho love ya

Kanye West MTV's Man of the Year

This definitely has been a great year for Kanye! Im happy he's back at it. He's had a few highs and lows this year, but I think, well I hope he's in a better head space. Either way, MTV has coined him their #1 Man of the Year!! #POW haters lol Also Gaga was #1... Click here to read why MTV chose Ye!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Toya Carter Signs Pub Deal, Says "Priceless Inspiration" Coming Soon

Reginae (daughter) & Toya
I have LOADS of Toya Carter fans who read this blog, and I know you all have been anticipating what she'll do next. This year has been a great one for her both personally and professionally. With the opening of The Garb Boutique in her home town of New Orleans, to her engagement to "Sexiface" Memphitz, and now the icing on the cake! Toya's memoir, "Priceless Inspiration" has been in the works since season 1 of Tiny & Toya, and it is highly anticipated! Why? Well, Toya happens to have had  a life that many both can relate to and others even think they dream of having.

Today she announced via twitter that she's finally signed a pub deal for her book with Farrah Gray Publishing! Furthermore, she insists that presales will start as early as next week! Get it! Now, dont get it twisted, people are thinking that this will be a tell all book about Toya's ex husband and the father of her daughter, Lil Wayne, but Toya insists that this is not the case. According to her, it is more so a book that speaks to young women about the trials of life and how she overcame her own. I am hearing for you Wayne fans though that someone special wrote the Foreword... :) Congrats Toya!

Who Am I: Granddaughter of Legend to Play Snow White


Universal has been casting for their live action film "Snow White and  the Huntsmen" for some time now! They are rumored to have casted the lovely Charlize Theron to play the evil queen, and were said to have been looking at the likes of Kristen Stewart or Dekota Fanning to play the lead role. Well, their interest may have shifted to music royalty, Riley Keough.

Now, youre prob like..who!?!? lol.. you may have to look into her eyes for a bit... think iconic, immortalized, legendary, rock & roll, & MONEY! lol... still not sure...its Elvis' granddaughter! Her mother, Lisa Marie Presley is the only woman that can say, she was Mrs. Michael Jackson! Think they resemble?

President & First Lady Obama Get Mariah to Spill the Beans on Twins!

Nick Cannon took to the air the other day to share with the world his exciting news that he and wife, Mariah Carey are expecting twins!!!! His reasons were that its a question everybody is obsessed with right now..
"I couldn’t avoid that question anymore and people became fascinated with that...In order for my wife and I to live our [lives], we have to be up front and I need to be able to share things with you,” Nick went on to reveal, “I haven’t even told my wife I’m doing this so I’ll probably get yelled at for not getting permission."
Cool right??! Even more cool is who the twins will learn were the first people outside of their parents to know of their existence! How about the President & First Lady of the United States!!!!!!!! Nick explained:
“She’s singing this song ['One Child'] and she goes backstage, and she has the opportunity to speak with the President and the First Family, and they even questioned my wife about what she’s having,” Cannon continued, “At this point, she hadn’t told anybody anything, because doctors advised we keep it to ourselves. [But] because of the excitement and the emotion, she shared with the President and the First Lady that we are having twins.”
WOW! Well, congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Cannon! I wish them a healthy delivery & healthy babies! Next question everyone will obsess over is, "What are the sexes??" I mean Nick, you shouldve known the questioning wouldnt end by revealing the answer, youre married to Mariah Carey :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Music: Greyson Chance- Waiting Outside the Lines


When I first heard this guy sing Paparazzi, I was blown away. So was Ellen! She, soon after hearing him, signed him! Now, he's up to be the next teen heart throb! His voice is huge!! Here is the video for his first single, Waiting Outside the Lines.. Good choice Ellen!!

Doctors have found the Cure for HIV!


Well.. so they think. I know most of you have been reading this headline spread all over twitter & such, but truth is, nothing has been concluded. As a Psychology major I was taught to never take anything at face value! I was perturbed that none of these people saying this had any link to a reputable source, or the study which suggested such a finding. So, I found it for my BabyKayKs..According to the medical Blood journal, this all stems from a stem cell transplant given to a man by the name of Timothy Ray Brown, or the "Berlin Patient" back in 2007 for leukemia. What his doctors are saying now is that as a result, and after extensive testing, they can suggest that the cure of HIV infection has occurred. This basically means that they have a lead in what could potentially be considered the cure for the disease plaguing our world, genetically engineered stem cells.

There are over 33 Million people living with HIV in this world (that we know of) so consider this breakthrough to be huge! With this being 1 case, it will take some time for the medical world to repeat this study again and again, and then make these stem cells available to infected individuals. Even still, it is a cause for celebration and gives a little hope to those who are effected by the disease. While the Republicans are fighting so hard against stem cell research, it may just be the one thing to cure the biggest epidemic we face on the globe. Get it together Reps. Thanks.

Justin Bieber MTV's #3 "Man" of the year!?!


Thats cute.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Album: Kandi- Kandi Koated

Wow..this is a great day for music. Last night I had the honor of attending Kandi & Tank's show here in Atlanta followed by a party to celebrate the release of their albums. The show was great! Kandi, though I could tell she was a little hoarse delivered!!! Her singers were tight (s/o to Victor!), she looked great, and definitely worked the crowd. The theme tonight was BUY THE ALBUM! 

I promise if anyone came in there debating whether or not they were gonna rock with Kandi's album, they shouldve left convinced. The most convincing moment for me was definitely when she and her background singers hit the acapella version of "Love Right", a tune she said was written with her late ex AJ in mind. I loved it.. I mean.. clean loved it! Kandi's last set with Fly Above led her to tears as she explained to us that anything is possible & that people didnt expect her to be where she is! Very heartfelt & overall great performace!

The album release party was packed with the likes of the entire Real Housewives of Atlanta crew (including Lawrence & Lisa), Rasheeda, Photographer Robert Ector (who shot the album cover), Mr. Lark,editor of Kontrol Magazine, Derek J, and on and on! Below are a few pics from the event and show! Get the album BabyKayKs!!

Pics courtesy of Kontrol Mag

New Album: Tank-Now or Never

As I said, this day is beasting with good music! Also as stated, last night I was graced with the presence of this guy.. moment of silence........................................................................................OK LAWD HAMMERSAY, this man is gorgeous and was singing us all into a heart attack last night. Im not sure how many of you have ever had the opportunity to hear Tank live, but I have a few times. Every single time I was blown away. He's known for his true R&B feel, from "I Deserve" to "Slowly" & most recently the loved single from this album, "Emergency". We know the man can make great R&B albums, but so can anyone else with good writers, producers, and a little talent. What you should know about Tank is that this guy can simply sing.

The things he did last night with his voice were just amazing. I mean, even IIIII screamed at one point, then looked at my girl and said, "I just screamed." haha.. Every time I see Tank I tell him that Im going to make at least 3 babies to his record Lost In You.. and I mean it. As soon as its baby making time, Im on it! hahahaaaa no really..true R&B, forget that .. true artistry is alive and well with people like Tank around. He not only sang and worked the crowd last night, but he also serenaded us on the keys, and really just gave the place full of screaming  women a great show! Get this album! I.Am.Telling.You!!!!! Check out a few pics below!

New Album: Dirty Money- Last Train to Paris

Whew! Its about time huh?!? This album feels like its been in the makings for forever! Im not sure exactly when production started, but I just feel like its taken a while to get on shelves. Well, rest your weary hearts because Dirty Money's highly anticipated (& promoted->DIDDY! lol) album is here!!!!!!!! Dirty Money has not only come along and just shut airwaves down in the last year, but they also have introduced the listener to a whole other kinda music, as well as a coined phrase that we'll all be hearing in our heads for the rest of our lives, "Its that Dirty Money".

Records like, "Loving You No More" which gives me my life every time I hear it, and "Love Come Down" which was really our first introduction to the music are just peeks into what is really a piece of art. This album is insane!!!! Kalenna and Dawn's voices are like butta.. their tones, the riffs, the lyrics & themes all make for a brilliant abum. Congrats to them on this release and lets look forward to Diddy's next reason to promote.. you know its coming soon! lol 

Lanvin is On Again!

Yes! I love! This full length Lanvin Wool Coat from the fall winter 2010 line is everything! Its all about the full length skirt and overall simplicity of the whole coat. I love the sleeves, and the belt, both add a bit of an edge to an overall sleek fit. Dig the boots as well, which definitely accompany the coat gracefully! I just love Lanvin! Check out the full line..Can you say FAB-u-LOUS?!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Jimmy Choo How We Love You

I mean honeey! These are hot! Jimmy Choo's Ciara Embellished Platform sandals are bad! Its all about the cut of the shoe & the small details! The FAB of these shoes is on 2000! Jimmy Choo knew exactly what they were doing with this sold out $3000 pair of shoes! I feel like its also a pair of shoes that you'd overlook on the shelf. Sometimes you have to put them on to get the vision! Thats why I always say try shoes on, even if you are kind of iffy about loving them on the shelf..always try them on. They take on life that way. 

The clear lucite heel, added crystal, and simplicity of the nuede suede is just GIVING do you hear me!? Love Love Love them! & I thank you Jimmy Choo. Now, dont ask me about these outfits because I dont know.

When the law is Irrelevant

The other day I read an article  by a dear friend of mine, Attorney Kwabena Appenteng who writes a column for the Chicago Lawyer Magazine. Kwabena, an attorney with Greene & Letts, writes articles that challenge our concept of the law & how it effects us. I know most of you dont like to read, so I'll keep my portion of this post to a condensed minimum so that you will fully read his article.

I think most of us Americans walk around knowing that immigration is a huge issue in our country. Whether we know someone personally who is an immigrant or not is what sort of shapes, for many, if it is a cause they care to even acknowledge. Our government on the other hand, should never have the opportunity to choose whether or not they wish to acknowledge & approach such a major issue that directly effects our every day lives.

With that said, unfortunately, outside of the DREAM Act and some small gestures in various states, one of the biggest issues of this present America is being handled with antiquated law. Here's Kwabena's take on the issue..enjoy:

As I recently arrived back in the United States from a brief trip to visit somefamily friends overseas, I was welcomed by the unfriendly face of a stout, beady-eyed immigration officer. Although, concededly, my jet-lagged demeanor did not convey a look of "pleased to meet you, sir," I still found myself taken aback by my welcome party's intimidating glare.

After sternly ordering me to show him my passport and curtly asking me dozens of tedious, at times asinine, questions, the officer directed me to proceed to another booth. As I began to walk away from the officer, however, I mustered the courage to turn the tables and ask him a question. "Officer, where are you from?" After shooting me a dirty look, he responded: "Mexico." for full article.

Its That Time of Year! Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Usher & Justin Bieber Backstage OMG Tour Exclusive

Usher's been giving his fans exclusive peeks behind the scenes of his extremely hyped OMG Tour. From what Ive been hearing from credible source, the show definitely lives up to the hype. Usher's exclusive videos have allowed fans to see what it takes to put such a show on for them. I think it also lets them get a peek into Usher's personality and such which any fan will appreciate.

This particular video highlights Usher's pre show routine as well as a surprise visit from Justin Bieber!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Can You Say About Your BFF What Oprah Says about Gayle?

Of course I watched Barbara Walter's Oprah Special last night! It was great. Oprah sat down with Barbara to discuss everything from her career and this being the last season of her show to her personal life with Stedman.

One of the best parts of the show for me though was when Barbara asked Oprah about her bff Gayle. It was the first time in the whole interview that Oprah had to stop and get her words together. Once she did, with tears in her eyes she replied,

"She is the mother I never had, the sister everybody would want, she is the friend, that everybody deserves. I dont know a better person. I Dont. Know. a better person."
She continued..
"The therapy that I didnt have and the therapy that I dont need is because of Gayle."

Now people can look at their relationship and speculate, but I think those are people who are lonely and cant honestly say that they have a true best friend. Those of use who do can agree whole heartedly with what Oprah said. The whole show was great. Even after all of these years and feeling like I know Oprah (what she allows her viewers to know of her anyway) I still felt like I was learning something. She is a well of wisdom and inspiration. Loved it.

President Obama & First Family at 2010 National Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony

The First Family enjoyed some time lighting the National Christmas Tree a couple of days ago. Amongst the guests to enjoy the festivities with the First Family were Common, Maroon 5, and PJ Morton ( who was with Maroon 5) He tweeted about it the other day in excitement. "I JUST MET THE PRESIDENT.." he reacted! Looks like they really enjoyed themselves!

New Music: Syleena Johnson- My Shoes

How many of you all were Syleena Johnson fans? Yall remember the song, "Wanna wear the pants..Guess gotta be a man.. sho' nuff.." lol yeesss that was the jam! Im about to see who the real fans are though. My fave Syleena Johnson song that I played OUT is, "Im Gon Cry gon cry gon cry gon cry for you.. but I wont try wont try wont try wont tryyy for you.." you have to have the album to know that one lol. Those are some of the songs that stick out when I think Syleena Johnson. Loved that whole Chapter 2 album. You also may know her voice from Kanye's All Falls Down. Her voice is just rich!

Well Syleena recently leaked a record for her fans on twitter that I was excited about being that I really dig her work. Its good that she did as well, just to let us know that she's still putting work out. She has one of those classic voices, like you know its her and you know years from now its gonna sound even better.  Check out this record, My Shoes below. She's bringing the feeling we're used to.

New Video: Tiffany Evans- I'll Be There

Most of you probably remember Tiffany as seen in the Tyler Perry movie as the little girl with the HUGE voice. Or maybe youre most familiar with her from her hit record, "Promise Ring". Either way, Tiffany is growing up right before our eyes and is a lovely young woman now. She's hit the air waves and now screens with this heartfelt ballad, I'll Be There. Tiffany is a sweet heart and the voice is impeccable. Stay tuned for more details on the album, but in the meantime, here is the video for her first single, I'll Be There..

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What Chilli Wants Season 2 Sneak Peek!

VH1 TV Shows

Music Videos
Wow.. first off, can we talk about how great both Chilli & Tionna look this season as opposed to last? I mean, kudos to these ladies. This season sneak peek looks like its going to be really good! It also looks like  she has upgraded her options! Honey yall know Im on my white guy thing right now heehee.. and welp.. they are gorgeous!!!! Im wondering whats gonna go on with Chilli & Floyd!?

Its also good to see that Tionna and Chilli are working together and it seems to be cool. I know yall are like, wait didnt you have beef with Tionna?? Umm.. Kayki doesnt beef especially not over twitter. Tionna took something I said to somebody else the wrong way without reading the full point and tried to go in on me lol. Thats that. I personally dont have anything against her. Thats not how I live my life. So no.. no beef here.  Anywho, I wish her and Chilli the best this season! Show starts January 2 9:30/830 C! Be sure to watch :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

NEW Transformers 3 Trailer!

Transformers fans we've been waiting for it! The cast was here in Atlanta on location shooting and I was sooo tempted to crash the set! Hahahaaa... Anywho check this trailer out! Im TOO excited! Its out 7.1.11!!

Happy Birthday Nicki Minaj

Is everybody ready for the Barbz of the world to go crazy today? Yea Im not either, but trust your twitter, facebook, and Lord knows what else is going to be Barbie Nation today because its Nicki's bday! I posted this pic mainly because I love this not sure its a very "happy birthday"ish jump off, but its hot to look at. lol. Anywho, just sending love to the biggest female rapper this industry has seen in over 10 years. Even if you dont like her style.. that says a lot. Happy Birthday Nicki Minaj! Below is a cute fan video from her UK Barbz.. told you guys to get ready lol..

10 Reasons Everybody Should Buy Jazmine Sullivan's New Album


Sitting here enjoying my iTunes and this Jazmine Sullivan record comes on. It dawned on me ..." I wonder how many people actually purchased her album." I didnt bother to research it, but what I do want to do is tell my BabyKayKs that youre missing out if you havent. Here are my top 10 reasons why this is an album you need in your arsenal.

1. Production. Its sick. She has an array of music on here. One joint is even reminiscent of a throwback Prince record..

2. Vocals. This is no surprise..she's been singing like this since she was a kid-literally. Its still not to be taken lightly considering the state of the "singer" today.

3. Growth. Its definitely in the Jazmine Sullivan way..but its also definitely obvious that she's grown since the last project.

4. Lyricism. There are some great concepts on here, and I was intrigued by the simple ideas that have been made into beautiful songs. Dont over think it. Sometimes, less is more.

5. Relativity. This album is extremely easy to relate to. No matter what phase of a relationship youre in, you can find  a "jam" on this record. Life is about the twists and turns.. she's addressing the chaos  & calm.

6. Feel. It really does just feel good. Makes me think of Chi summers..when all you heard was great music blasting from somebody's uncle's record player.

7. Passion. Some things can only be explained by the fact that you know with out a doubt that this chick is doing what she was born to do. The heart in every word and melody is obvious. She is singing every word like she means it.

8. Fierceness. Honey the cover.. yes and work. love it.

9. Support. If you consider yourself a lover of good music, then you should support it. Period. These artists are out here trying to live just like you are. Buy the album.

10. Classic. No, really..while your dinky pop artists will  fade away in a year or two, Jazmine produces music that has the potential to be around for our children to consider "classics". Sorta like my mom's Motown stash. We dont have much of that in this era of rap & pitch tools. With Jazmine, we can actually contribute something longlasting and exceptional to the legacy of good music. I'll be proud to play Jazmine to my daughters and say.. now THIS is real music. How many other artists out today can you honestly say you'll be able to do that with?? Exactly.

Thats that.. make sure yall get her album. Heres one of my faves from it!

Kim Kardashian Signature Watch Series..

Yea what arent these girls into? Im not even going to hate do you hear me?! Sheesh.. so Kim's exclusive watch series is called, The Kim Kardashian Signature Series(of course they brand EVERYTHING). They range in price from about $300-$500. The watches are meant to represent women all around the world. They are individually named after various places on the globe. Kim was the inspiration for these Briss Mor' watches because of her upscale and posh style according to the site. Starting today you can pre order them, but they wont be available until 1st quarter 2011. I thought the watches below were kinda hot, but they arent listed amongst the collection for some reason..?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

*UPDATED*Elizabeth Edwards In Last Stages of Cancer Says Doctors

Im deeply saddened to say that today Mrs. Edwards lost her battle with cancer at age 61. Though it is sad to think of her gone, it is great to know that her daily suffering is over. My prayers are with her family and friends.
Former Presidential candidate John Edwards' estranged wife Elizabeth Edwards came to the forefront during his campaign as a woman battling cancer. She quickly became a familiar face of the disease and has put forth many efforts in combatting it. In recent news her marriage and personal life have been put on blast due to Mr. Edwards' infidelity and love child. Even with all of this going on, Elizabeth has braved a smile and continued to live every day battling cancer.

As of this weekend, doctors have made it known that her cancer has spread and is untreatable. Elizabeth took to her facebook page to share with friends and fans and thank them for their support. She wrote:
"The days of our lives, for all of us, are numbered. We know that. And yes, there are certainly times when we aren't able to muster as much strength and patience as we would like. It's called being human. But I have found that in the simple act of living with hope, and in the daily effort to have a positive impact in the world, the days I do have are made all the more meaningful and precious. And for that I am grateful."
Wow.. the courage. It is said that Elizabeth is home surrounded by close friends and family. My prayers are with them and my heart goes out to everyone battling this disease. Let Elizabeth be proof that even when things dont look up you can find some reason to smile.