Friday, November 5, 2010

What Do Oprah & KayKi Have In Common?!

We both have experienced the full circle moment of interviewing our teen HEARTTHROBS!!!! Yesterday Oprah was surprised by her staff with a date! Not just any date, but one with her teen crush Jackie Jackson! If you got the opportunity to watch it, you saw a GROWN tail OPRAH turn into a 13 yr old girl right before our eyes! It was sooo cute! I cracked up at how completely stunned she was! The entire date she was just blushing and gazing into his eyes. I loved it. Oprah said something that resonated with me soooo strongly, "this is a full circle moment!" I thought OMGoogle Oprah... I know exactly what you mean!!!

Most of you know that earlier this year I had the honor of interviewing Dru Hill! What most of you probably dont know is that I am a recovering Dru Hill/Sisqo ADDICT! lol I mean, I was known all over Bloomington for loving Sisqo. I have every bracelet, ring, shirt, doll (well I made that), magazine, I mean my walls were covered. My father is a pastor and my mother very spiritual, but they let me go through my teen crush years and just sat back and laughed. My dad made fun of me in the pulpit and I was teased ALL of the time by family members, but it.didnt.matter. If that blonde headed man came anywhere near my city I was there...crying and screaming. haha!

So, when I had the opp to interview them for this site, the first thing I told him and Nok is that I was having a full circle moment. I tried my best to explain to him that I was in fact the #1 Sisqo fan at some point. Now, I dont know who holds that title right now, but that was me! He laughed and they all thanked me. I got through that interview talking!!!! LOL..I can listen to it and tell I was super nervous. I remember hearing his voice and feeling my heartbeat in my ears as I tried to keep the 15 yr. old girl from screaming! Anywho, my bff Becky (who used to LOVE The Boys) & I are sitting here reminiscing about our crushes and laughing soo loud.

I want to thank Dru Hill again for participating in my life in that way! I also want to thank them again for allowing me to interview them and making a dream that nobody thought would come true-come true. I mean I still get tweets/texts from people everytime Sisqo tweets/RTs me..and I think its adorable! So, here was Oprah's moment just like mine, where she got the opportunity to interview her teen crush!

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