Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well its here isnt it!? The big day you've been waiting for. The day that will bring an end to this run of ridiculous political ads and demeaning points of views that have drowned our televisions & radios! This is the day that allows you the opportunity not only to silence those ads, but to give a voice to your community, to choose who represents that voice in Washington. Election Day can be a very annoying one, especially for those who dont want to have to stand in long lines and wait, but its so worth it. We NEED to vote. We NEED to have the same energy and excitement that we have with the Presidential elections during voting for the Senate and House.

We want who we want for President, but our government is a system of checks and balances. It is important to have people in the House and Senate who speak for your individual needs as a community. That is really how you get problems solved. I believe it is our responsibility as citizens to get out and select the people who will be able to make important decisions. Not only is it our responsibility to have a hand in making sure the right people can have such powers, but its also something to treasure. Especially being that in this country, many races have had to fight for the opportunity to even have a say in the process. I know its trite, but its truth: people have lost their lives for our voices to have some meaning in government. We think we have accomplished soo much, this is true, but we have a long ways to go.

Our President Barack Obama, has accomplished SO much in the first half of this term. As much as some people are trying to diminish these accomplishments it is overwhelming to think of just how much HAS CHANGED in a couple of years. What I dont want is to hear somebody complaining about what doesnt happen in the years to come if they didnt get their butts out there and vote! President Obama needs the support to get things done in D.C. Thats why its important to get to know all of your candidates to make sure that they share the same views that you do whether they are pro the President's or not. Know what youre voting for.

This is a pivotal day in our nation and in our world. It has to be of some importance to you to exercise your right to help make our country the best it can be, by voting. I know my BabyKayKs will take this as seriously as I do and make their voices heard today at the polls!!!

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