Wednesday, November 10, 2010

RIL: Bobby Tillman Teen Beaten To Death In GA

Bobby was randomly beaten to death at a house party here in GA. This case is so sad. There are no real answers besides the alleged killers just wanted to fight. There were about 80 people at this house party and the idea that they all just stood around while this young man lost his lives to a few bullies is sickening. While we're trying to focus on the bullies and turning them around, when do we look at the overall picture that is, our youth are weak. They are too weak to deal with what they have to go through in life, and too weak to step up and fight for what is right. We have to build them up in some way. If you know a young person, start speaking positivity and love into their ears. Take the time to listen to them and engage them.

Unfortunately 4 young men have been arrested and are now all over the news here in Atl all claiming their innocence. Im not sure who did it, but its a sad sad time for our youth for sure. Whoever did it needs to be punished, and parents where the heck are you these days?!? Sheesh!

If you are being bullied and need someone to talk to and you feel like you have no've got me! My email can be found up in the Ask KayKi section above. There are people who care for you. This violence must stop! My prayers go up for Bobby's family and friends.

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