Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Music:JHud -You Put A Move On My Heart

After BCox's cover of a song I love, I was hopeful in thinking that JHud's cover of another song I love would be great! I can remember singing Tamia's You Put A Move On My Heart as a preteen in my bed room. I listened to that record over and over again! Its hands down one of the cleanest vocals ever! With that being said,  Ive never really been a big JHud fan. I know I know.. I always get a side eye when I say that, and thats ok. lol... so no Im not feeling this remake. I dont like that its upbeat- doesnt do anything for it. I think thats my issue more than anything, but what do you think?

Did you think I was going to post the remake & not my beloved original!!!!? Now, you know me better than that! This is a classic record...will be loved for forever!

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