Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Music: Onitsha Ft. Drake- Karaoke

Yesterday I realized that an artist I have lots of love for released a new mixtape! Onitsha is an artist hailing our of Cali I believe, incredible. She'll give you a Brandy feel- I hate to say that sometimes because it sounds like Im saying she's trying to sound like her or Im comparing the, she really naturally has a similar tone! Onitsha is also special because if you've ever seen my niece Madyson's interview video  when I ask her who are her favorite singers she says, Beyonce & Onitsha lol.... she loves her and Im glad she zones out to this kind of music. So when yall are going on about how dope of a singer Mady is at 7.. just know this is what she's grooming herself with lol.

Onitsha is back with a mixtape that I am loving! She's got Drake, Amber (Glee), Eric Dawkins, Teddy Campbell... yea...that says enough right!? On top of that she's covered, Bruno's "The Way You Are" and Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry"! Of course her intro is on point. Thats something I was anticipating considering that her album intro was played over and over because it was that hot...she brought it with this intro as well. I just want to send out LOTS of encouragement and love to O! I really do think that she makes music that will reach the masses and I know that she's destined for greater than she can even imagine! I love that she exists! hahaaaa I mean I love her voice & message at the same time.. so it makes me happy lol.. I hope you feel like you know her a little more AND that you'll get the mixtape!!!!!!

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