Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Music: Kaitlen Howard-Where Do We Go

Who watches Unsung??? MEEEE!!! lol..I LOVE it! Gives us the opportunity to get to know some of the people behind the jams that our older family members raised us on. Monday featured Miki Howard, who I really didnt know much about besides, "Love Under New Management". What I came to know is that she was running things in R & B  for a grip and had a very interesting life story. Also I learned that Miki had an on and off again romance with the late Gerald Levert that went on according to her, up until his death. This was probably the most shocking news to everybody watching! It was all over twitter. I went online to try to find out the validity in that to blog it and came upon something that I think is a little more interesting (at least to me lol)!

During Unsung, Miki spoke of her children. I found in searching for info on her and Gerald that, Miki's daughter Kaitlen and Gerald's daughter Carlysia are actually friends.............................  They have a few pics together online and even a recent video on youtube. Yea, I thought that was quite a find, but after more digging I found that Kaitlen is more than just Miki Howard's daughter, she's an artist and just as her mother, the chic can sing! No... really lol... she needs no passes..she really can sing. Check out her record below..and stay tuned for more from Kaitlen Howard..she def has potential to be a star..have I ever lied to yall? lol..exactly & doesnt she favor Tiffany Evans?

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