Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Music: Carrie Underwood- Mamas Song

In honor of the ROCKage that the CMAs were last night, Im going to post one of my fave songs performed last night. From Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban, The Band Perry, & on & on the CMAs  simply ROCKED! Though I was mad that some people didnt sing the songs I wanted them to, I was really happy when hostess Carrie Underwood came back for a second performance and sang, Mamas Song...EVERY time I hear this song/watch that video I cry! LOL..I mean, its so touching. Especially considering its real life for her ;) And isnt this what we all hope for? Well,sure is what I pray for.

Her performance of it last night was perfection. I just love her voice. Its such a quality voice. I tweeted last night that I always hear a little "Jesus" in her voice, lol.. got a couple of huhs?? from that tweet, but a few people knew exactly what I meant. There is no doubt that God gave her a gift wasnt learned or she isnt forcing it. She can just clean sing, AND write!!!Well if youre "not into coutnry music" (ummm) lol or missed it last night-grab some tissues & enjoy..

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