Monday, November 1, 2010

New Music: Bryan-Michael Cox covers Kiss From A Rose

On twitter yesterday I saw Bryan-Michael Cox (Be Without You, You Got It Bad, He Cant Love You, Burn, Lets Get Married- I MEAN BCox has had his hand on ALL of your favorite REAL R&B records. thanks. lol) tweet about covering Seal's Kiss From a Rose. I mean, I knew him to be a credible musician/producer/writer, but I didnt know that he sounded like THIS? 

 First off, Seal's recording of this song is one of my favorite records ever, and I loved BCox's remake-which is rare. Usually when you love a record, remakes are either annoying or just alright. This one was neither- I listened to it 3x twice for me, once for my mom who was like.. "ooh play that again!" lol. This guy's tone is too nice!! I hold this song dear to my heart because it reminds me of someone very special to me. So if I love the cover it means it speaks to me the same way the original did. Not easy to come by.

I'll tell you something that will make you appreciate BMC's artistry even more- he is seriously a good natured dude. In the many times Ive been in his space he's been the same- humble, genuine, and just regular. Trust me, the "Im somebody" attitude is HEAVY here in Atl..good to know people who really have achieved success, but are still on the ground. Dig it!? Be sure to click here for more BMC!

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  1. dont feel bad kayki i didnt know either but im glad i do now