Monday, November 1, 2010

Life for 11 Bucks?!

Here is another example of what I was talking about with my brother's situation. Is this real life?? Jaime and Gladys Scott's mother has been fighting for their freedom for 16 yrs. Recently, she received a little support in a major way. The attorney who prosecuted their case 16 yrs ago and the President of the NAACP. The two sisters in their late 30s were sentenced to life for their involvement in a robbery in Mississippi. The ladies sorta set up the guys who were robbed, and were 2 of 5 charged.  The 3 men convicted testified against the sisters and received shorter sentences. They served their sentences and have since been released.

The question of guilt is not the issue here. We all know that the women did participate in the robbery. The issue is that the sisters were sentenced to life. These ladies robbed a man for $11. They enticed the victims & the 3 men involved robbed the victims at gun point. So some years in jail.. absolutely! A lifetime in jail for enticing and helping in an armed robbery... not at all! This is another example of the system really not working. Im over it. I hope that with the attorney who helped to put them behind bars and the NAACP now involved, that these ladies will get a fairer sentence.

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