Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kanye's Controversial Today Show Interview

Yesterday I posted that Kanye had a real problem with the way his Today Show interview went down. Well today the interview was aired and instead of it actually being about George Bush it turned into being more about the drama and tweets that I blogged yesterday. I see alot of people saying that Kanye was irrational and that they dont get the big problem with why he was so upset. Well, Id say that its a lot deeper than people want to see. Obviously Kanye has been battling some serious emotional issues over the past few years. Its also obvious that he's been trying to express that he was wrong and that those moments were very low moments on his part.

So I think being that he's just come out of hiding, bringing this footage and such out prematurely is not good for him. That footage I think is a huge reminder of some huge mistakes and a very hurtful time and he's still in the healing process. But again, I wouldnt expect most people to feel anykinda way about it.. Im a Psych major so..of course I do.. but if you missed the it is.

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  1. The sad thing here is that even in Kanye's apology, he can't get rid of the cockiness. I believe that he is sorry for what he said but he had to play into the villan role by being a jerk. Matt Lauer was right, they ALWAYS play clips during interviews when people are talking about a certain incident. I watch the Today Show almost everyday. He needs to seriously stop playing the victim, its old. I am glad that he apologized, but of course it couldn't be done without making himself look like the victim.

    Don't get me wrong, I like Kanye and his music is genius, but his personality will be the downfall of his career.