Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kanye Tweets His Frustrations w/Today Show Interview

Kanye is always ranting on twitter. It is to be expected at this point. Last night, he hit his twitter to set the record straight about his Today Show interview with Matt Lauer that appears to have gone all wrong. It looks like he was forced into a situation that was demeaning. While he was trying to apologize about the Bush comments, they started to play the MTV thing. I guess Ye felt like he was being attacked. This turned into a full out twitter rant that was very transparent and a little scary. Ye talked about how he has lows all of the time and tries to get through them. Also how he feels that he can not trust anyone. This broke my heart. I really feel like Kanye is so misunderstood and the last thing you should do to a person who is trying to get their head straight is keep throwing their past in their faces. Click here to read more of Kanye's comments.

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