Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jay Z Speaks On His Art Collection, the Illuminati & Hammer (or not)

Tim Westwood is that guy for interviews. He sat down with Jay to discuss a lot. Jay talks about his new book, his new greatest hits album, hit love for art, and a lot more. I think Tim is a great interviewer because Im not sure he always uses his filter lol. Jay is also talking about the Watch the Throne record he's doing with Kanye & the process for that.
Jay on Illuminati:
"when people have a certain amount of success- it needs to be explained in a way other than hard work and being blessed...thats how you know your big, I was like, "Rock star??", but everybody needs something to talk about."
On Hammer:
"Im gonna hide out over here(U.K.) till I can sneak back in the States.
On Babies:
"I have 5 babies if you let them tell it. No, no Im telling you its not true."
On Signing Willow:

"Any field that youre in, you should be the best in that field. I dont think its blasphemous to wanna be as big as MJ. We should strive to be the best.......She's 9 yrs. old and extremely talented.."

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