Tuesday, November 23, 2010

J Cole "Friday Night Lights"

J. Cole is a rather new artist on the hip-hop scene who has gained a large following over the last year or so. Cole largely identifies with more of a younger audience, more so the college crowd because he is a recent college graduate. He is a story teller and people can relate so they tune in to what he has to say. He is such a name for himself that his mix tapes are more highly anticipated than peoples albums. "Friday Night Lights" is hands down one of the best mix tapes I've heard in my life, and I'm sure it will boost him to instant stardom. From track one until track twenty it's pure gold. There aren't many mix tapes I can listen to from start to finish, but this is one of the few exceptions. Based off of this mix tape people are starting to label J Cole as one of the best rapper out and in some cases THE BEST! I say this will be Cole's equivalent to a Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt, a Nas's Illmatic, and a Biggie's Ready to die. Go open your ears and give the young man J Cole a listen. "Friday Night Lights"

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  1. J cole is okay, that mixtape is suspect. He sounds just like Jayz on some of those songs, which leads me to believe that Jay wrote some of those songs.