Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Case You Missed It: Jay Z & Dr. Cornel West Live!!

This was eye & ear opening!!! I mean I am a Jay Z fan.. but people who arent fans should still watch this interview! First off Dr. West is a genius!!!!!!! Ive loved him for years. I love his take on life and his ability to articulate it. I love what this represented to me. One of the most respected Black intellectuals ever and another Princeton grad Paul Holdengraber sitting down with a guy who started off as just a hustling rapper to talk about him and his art. Mr. Holdengraber isnt into rap and isnt familiar with it, but says that he's been enlightened by Jay Z who is a poet to him. I loved this dialogue. Watch below if you missed it! Jay is so funny as well. Jay's book Decoded hits shelves today!

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